Sedline: June 4, 2014

June 3, 2014

“Veterans have delays to be seen at VA hospitals or clinics and it is time to blame Obama again. I bet every hospital is understaffed and underpaid. Guess why? They are financially supported by our Congress. Where do you think the money comes from to keep the VA hospitals well-staffed to see to our veterans needs? Greedy old men in Congress in Washington, D.C., control the purse strings. Stop blaming the president. Write your congressman.”

“Just want to say how great it is we are spending money on new sidewalks and how terrible it is that since the police won’t enforce the parking laws people still won’t be able to use the sidewalks because cars are parked in driveways across the sidewalk.”

“I see the Trail’s End monument is coming along well at the corner of 16th Street and Limit. It is going to be a beautiful thing and I think everyone should support it, but I hope they move that awful looking fence from around the Missouri State Fairgrounds. That is an embarrassment to Sedalia.”

“How do city police officers and Pettis County deputies know when a felon is not supposed to associate with another felon? How is that enforced?”

“I would like to spend money, but I don’t have any to spend. There is none left over in my budget.”

“This is for the lady that doesn’t like some of the Sedlines: it has human interest stories. It has comments that prove to others that they are just like them, and that makes it nice. It shows we are human.”

“Now everyone is up in arms at delayed appointments and overcrowding at veterans’ hospitals and clinics. First, that should be no surprise to anyone. Second, now Congress is beating their chest and demanding answers. The answer is support for VA hospitals comes from Congress. We all know they can always find money to afford a war, but when the boys come home hurt, our Congress can’t find any additional money to support them.”

“Is there a ghost club in Sedalia? If so, would they please call Sedline and print their address and phone number? I have three pictures of ghosts. Two were taken at the same time, the other is of another person and actually shows his spine. The other two are of the spirit of someone I know.”

“In reply to Sedline, you really shouldn’t be so lazy and clean up your own grass from the street.”

“The last two cans of pork and beans I have opened, there is no piece of pork. Now that is chincy. I think several of us should start a class action suit on false advertising. I like that piece of pork, it has a nice flavor.”

“I am handicapped and in a wheelchair and nothing makes me more angry than going to the store and see teenagers get up there with a handicap sticker hanging on the windshield. Four teenagers jump out of the car and I have never seen a ticket in the paper for people abusing handicap parking. You see kids run in and out of the store and then see an old woman come hobbling up but there is nowhere to park. Seems like people just ignore the laws they don’t like.”

“I don’t believe radio stations should play modern music before noon on Sundays.”

“I would like to make a comment on the bricks on Third Street that are exposed now. I think it brings back some nostalgia and it is pretty neat seeing that brick there. That’s from like 100 years ago. Why don’t we just leave it as it is?”

“Last year I went in July to get my picture ID. I had to go to the Social Security office. They told me I couldn’t get my card without a picture ID, but you can’t get a picture ID without a Social Security card. What kind of stuff is that? You people need to get your stuff together.”

“I am sure getting tired of waiting for that fire department open house. I want to see the new station and that new truck.”

“I can’t believe a misogynist thinks I am afraid to drive a motorcycle.”

“America’s biggest embarrassment has embarrassed the American people again. First, trading five terrorists for an Army deserter, and now dumping on the coal industry so our utility rates will jump sky high. Change you can believe in.”

“Never leave a man behind. I don’t care what he did or didn’t do. We need to be taking care of our veterans instead of trying to score political points. I don’t care about finger pointing. Get this fixed.”

“With all the smart people in this state you’d think someone could come up with a better way to make electricity than burning coal.”

“To the man with the grass clippings: fine, I’ll come sweep up your grass from the street. Now you can pay to have my basement pumped out when it backs up because you clogged the line.”

“It is sad to see all these businesses going away. Pretty soon Sedalia will look just like every place else. So sad.”

“I want to thank Nicole Cooke for her excellent story on Common Core. I’ve been trying to make sense out of all of this, but everyone I have talked to sounded crazy and misinformed. Thank you.”

“Look, I am all for your right to believe what you want. However, you can cry and moan about two men kissing in the paper all you want, but the truth is that society has moved on. You are no different than people who used to raise a fuss over interracial couples. You see two people sinning. I see two people a little happier and a little less lonely in their lives. Get over yourselves.”