Gen. Giap not a ‘ragtag’ army

July 22, 2014

Dear Editor:

My mom has been living in Sedalia for 12 years take or leave. During our Sunday phone chat she mentioned Walter Moodie’s editorial in the Democrat. Mom said she would send me the article.

The quote from the editorial referring to Gen. Giap and his “ragtag army of guerrilla” being led to victory in Vietnam over first the French and then us.

I was in Vietnam at the same time as Walter, only in a different zone. The I Corps for me, in what is called the “Vietnam Salient.” The troops we were fighting were far from “ragtag.” The NVA army was well clothed, well fed, trained and a very worthy foe. When catching them unaware they were disciplined in their demeanor.

Where the AP person got we “lost” from is crazy!

Like Walter says, we never lost in anything and was involved in. It was politics that took us home.

There were “rules of combat” there that we were strapped by. I read a book about this years ago.

When I came home, there was nobody to meet me at the bus station. It was February in Minnesota and I was forced to walk with my seabag over my shoulder all the way from downtown to my grandparents home in Williams Edition. Nobody stopped to offer me a ride!

When I went to the American Legion in our small town the guys sitting at the bar pretty much ignored me. Out I went and never returned.

Welcome back to the “World” Walter, maybe we can meet next time I visit mom.


John “Skip” Dickinson

Britt, Minn.