UCM theater students visit Boys & Girls Club

July 24, 2014

Theater students from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg performed an original skit for the Summer Program Club members Tuesday.

Youth Development Professional Ryan Willoughby explained he had planned to have several theater majors visit the Tween Club during the Drama Club Program. The UCM students coincidentally had an upcoming performance they had been practicing for in Edinburg, Scotland, and agreed to perform their skit twice for Club members.

Smithton Site Manager Judy Moore said many Club members enjoyed the performance.

“Live theater is important because it is an interactive performance,” Moore said. “If (the members) never see it, how will they consider it as an option?”

Willoughby said live theater helps members explore all options of what they might be interested in. The live performances fit into the Club’s summer programming.

“In Drama Club, we are working on exploring members’ creative differences,” Willoughby said. “This live performance shows our members what hard work and determination can lead to.”

“Drama matters. (Kids) get lost in this world of cartoons and animation and don’t see nearly enough live theater,” Moore said. “When a live person is showing kids best choices to make it becomes more effective. The live performer uses their emotions, costume and imagination and makes life lessons fun.”