Learning the steps

July 29, 2014

Nicole Cooke | Democrat Students in the Tiger Pride Marching Band rehearse the opening number of their 2014 show, “Learn to Fly,” which is in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Foo Fighters, during band camp Tuesday morning at Smith-Cotton High School. Band director Grant Maledy said the show also includes “DOA” and “Monkey Wrench.”

Nicole Cooke | Democrat Bryton Douglas, Ty Burks and Yeager Coen rehearse the opening number for the Tiger Pride Marching Band’s 2014 show, “Learn to Fly” during band camp Tuesday morning.

Nicole Cooke | Democrat Drum Major Kara Schnell conducts the Tiger Pride Marching Band during the second song of their 2014 show, “Learn to Fly.” The students had gotten through all the movements of the first song during band camp Monday, and the goal was to memorize as much of the second song as possible Tuesday. In the background are drum majors Erin Strouse, middle, and Payton Heistand.

Nicole Cooke | Democrat As the Tiger Pride Marching Band makes its way through the opening number of its 2014 show, Erica Shaw marches at the front of the field during the second day of band camp.