Commission recommends rezoning for future retail

By Nicole Cooke -

By Nicole Cooke

The first step has been taken in adding more retail to West Broadway Boulevard after a Sedalia Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Wednesday evening.

The Commission had a meeting and public hearing to vote on a request from Star Acquisitions, of Liberty, to rezone an area at the corner of West Broadway Boulevard and Sunset Drive to create a 10,800-square-foot multi-tenant retail space.

“It is compatible with the Sedalia Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2008 and updated in 2014, which identified that area, particularly the (U.S. Highway) 50 and (U.S. Highway) 65 area, as a commercial corridor within the city which allows for retail, offices and commercial service,” said Community Development Director John Simmons.

The land, located next to Golden Corral and across from Advanced Auto Parts, is currently home to an empty lot, zoned C-1 Commercial, and three houses, zoned R-1 Residential. Star is requesting the entire section be rezoned to C-3 Commercial. John Erpelding, a landscape architect with Landplan Engineering who represented Star during the meeting, said Star plans to demolish two of the buildings soon and lease the third until they obtain interested retail tenants.

He said the area would not include businesses such as bars or pawn shops, calling it a “neighborhood retail center.” There isn’t a set start date, but Erpelding said Star officials hope to begin construction in a year.

“They haven’t started marketing this site yet, they were waiting on the zoning, but they plan on taking this to the ICSC convention in Vegas that’s coming up soon, that’s the International Council of Shopping Centers, and they’re going to really push for businesses to come to Sedalia,” Erpelding said.

Mayor Stephen Galliher asked about possible traffic issues on Broadway Boulevard and what type of access into the retail parking lot would be available.

“This is just a concept plan of what they could do, but they do know they want to do a strip retail like this,” Erpelding said. “The access on Broadway, we’ll have to work with MoDOT on that to let us know if we can have any access and if we can, where it can be located.”

Erpelding added that there would most likely be a traffic analysis conducted and Star would be working with the city and MoDOT on what the best placement would be for access.

A few citizens who live in the area attended the meeting.

Bill Winfrey said his “biggest concern” was the water runoff on the property, asking if it would affect the neighboring homes. Erpelding again noted the property plans are still in the conceptual stage so there hasn’t been any engineering done yet, as Star is waiting for approval of the rezoning request, but there would be “a more in-depth storm drainage study” conducted.

“We’re going to use the natural drainage flows so everything drains to the northwest and we’re going to tie into the existing system but there will be a detention base for during those peak storms that will hold the water for awhile and then drain out. It will be a mostly dry basin,” Erpelding said.

“(The city) will have to review to make sure that no more water than is currently being pushed off that property is being pushed off that property,” Simmons added. “It will have to make sure it does not impact your property and property around it.”

The Commission voted unanimously to recommend the rezoning to the Sedalia City Council. Council will vote on the issue during the May 16 meeting.

Nicole Cooke can be reached at 660-530-0138 or @NicoleRCooke.

Nicole Cooke can be reached at 660-530-0138 or @NicoleRCooke.

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