Keep Sedalia yard ordinances in mind this summer

By Nicole Cooke -

For most people, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, which means cleaning and sprucing up the yard and there are some tips from the City of Sedalia to follow.

City ordinance states that the height of grass on any property within city limits can’t exceed eight inches, or the city will have to get involved. Chief Building Official Andy Burt said code enforcement officers spend much of the summer season consumed by grass and brush complaints.

“(Citizens) can call (our office at 660-827-3000 ext. 148) and file a complaint, they can also go to the city’s website and file a complaint through that as well,” Burt explained. “(After we receive a complaint), an inspector goes to look at the property, take pictures, and sends a notice of violation to the property owner. They are given 10 days to mow the property. If it’s not mowed after 10 days, we forward it on to our mowing crews in the Public Works Department and it goes as a tax lien against the property.”

Burt added that city ordinance also prohibits brush and other materials from blocking alleyways, sidewalks or visibility for traffic.

Burt said the city mowed 431 properties in 2015, which he noted is only the properties mowed by the Public Works Department and does not include the property owners who were notified via letter and mowed themselves. The city also had 631 trash violations.

Burt reminded citizens they can take advantage of the city’s Pickup on Demand service through the Sanitation Department, which replaced the city’s spring and fall pickups.

“We do have Pickup on Demand that can help with disposing a lot of the trash,” he said. “Citizens can call the Public Works Department and get scheduled for a Pickup on Demand. … We also have the brush and yard debris drop-off spot that helps with a lot of those types of issues.”

Citizens can utilize the Pickup on Demand service twice a year, which includes pickup of all items excluding hazardous materials, building materials and yard waste, according to the city’s website. To schedule a Pick Up on Demand, call 660-827-7820.

The Yard Waste Site is located near the intersection of 28th Street and New York Avenue. According to the city’s website, yard waste, including grass, brush, leaves, garden material, limbs and bushes, can be dropped off at no cost. The yard waste drop-off site is open 24 hours a day, seven 7 days a week.

Burt asked citizens to be patient as the summer season begins when it comes to complaints like grass height, as the recent heavy rains have helped local yards to grow quickly.

“With all the rain in the early part of the season, the grass is growing fast and it’s tough to get it caught up,” Burt said. “There may be a small delay in the early part of the season here, but we’re working as diligently as we can. It’s a busy time like this.”

By Nicole Cooke

Nicole Cooke can be reached at 660-530-0138 or @NicoleRCooke.

Nicole Cooke can be reached at 660-530-0138 or @NicoleRCooke.

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