Free Month Monday begins today

Beginning in today’s Sedalia Democrat is a promotion that is 148 years in the making. Each Monday, the name of a current newspaper subscriber will be randomly selected and awarded one month of free home delivery of the Sedalia Democrat. The small act of gratitude was inspired by a recent random encounter between a Sedalia Democrat reader and Publisher Rhonda Overbey.

“My first week in Sedalia, I was walking in Liberty Park and had a pleasant visit with a lady who has subscribed to the Democrat for 57 years. She commented that we probably didn’t care anything about how long she has read our newspaper. Her words truly resonated with me.” Overbey said. “All readers are important. Often times we get so busy reporting the daily news, we forget to thank our loyal subscribers who rely on the Sedalia Democrat as their lifeline to the community,” she said.

Circulation Director Nikki Monsees commented “I wish our software allowed us to access the years of service in our subscriber database; however, I often get calls from subscribers who’ve read the Sedalia Democrat for 20, 40, even 60 years and their commitment is unshakeable.” In some cases, the long-time subscribers treat their newspaper carriers like family, and vice-versa. “It’s a privilege to serve our readers,” Monsees added.

Look on the front page of Monday’s Sedalia Democrat for the name of the weekly winner randomly selected to receive a free month of home-delivery service. To activate the free month, the winner is asked to contact the circulation department by calling the Sedalia Democrat (660) 827-4400 by 5 p.m. Wednesday so the gift can be reflected on the customer’s account.

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