Sedalia City Council approves trash changes

Trash fee to increase, pickup decreases to once a week

By Nicole Cooke -

In October, Sedalia citizens will see some changes to their trash and recycling services after the Sedalia City Council approved several important changes during Monday’s meeting.

Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey has presented to council about options during two work sessions this year, and more items for approval were brought to them during Monday’s pre-council meeting. The biggest discussion was regarding reducing residential trash pickup to once a week and increasing the monthly fee.

“I’ve had several ask how we can justify going down to one pickup a week and raising the price,” Ward 3 Councilman Don Meier said to Ardrey.

“As an enterprise fund we’re losing about a quarter of a million dollars a year and we’ve had no trucks replaced for four years. There is no vehicle replacement fund for this enterprise fund,” Ardrey said. “Trucks need to be replaced. Our maintenance fees on a couple of trucks are costing as much as payment on a new truck would. At some point, we would simply not be able to do twice a week collection because we’re not going to have enough vehicles to do it on the vehicle replacement side.

“Again, on just replacement of material, the volume that second time a week simply doesn’t warrant a second pickup.”

“I don’t think they’re complaint about once a week is near as much as once a week and then raising the price all at the same time,” Meier told Ardrey.

“What I’m looking at is a program that has not had a fee increase in about 10 years, has never had or been separated out of the general fund in the past,” Ardrey replied. “Each time a truck failed, they came to (council) to make a huge draw on your general fund. A trash truck costs about $200,000. $2 increase on everybody in town on the residential side will only net about $174,000 a year. One truck.”

Ward 4 Councilwoman Vicky Collins asked if eliminating the second day will incur additional trips to the landfill on the one day to drop off the additional waste usually reserved for the second day. Ardrey said it will be about the same or less because the trucks are only partially full on the second pickup day due to less waste being put out by citizens.

Council approved the following items:

• Increase the monthly residential fee by $2, effective Oct. 1. The new additional revenue will be used for a Sanitation Department vehicle replacement fund.

• Amending fees for pickup on-demand services.

The city offers two free pickups on-demand of two cubic yards or one free pickup of four cubic yards; anything more incurs a $23 charge per additional cubic yard. That will remain.

“What does change is frequently what happens is we have people who need three or more (pickups) at a residence,” Ardrey said. “This allows for that plus it makes the charge $25 per cubic yard for those additional pickups, basically cover our cost of staffing and fuel use of the truck.”

• Add a new curbside recycling collection and a new yard waste/tree debris collection.

“As part of the monthly residential waste collection, you’ll see, and I think this is a big plus, curbside recycling,” Ardrey said. “So you’ll set your trash out, you’ll walk a couple paces and set your recycling out. The first truck that comes through in the morning will pick up anything tagged as recycling, the second truck through will pick up anything else at the curb that’s trash.”

Ward 1 Councilman Jeff Leeman asked if additional trucks will be needed for recycling pickup and Ardrey said four of the city’s current trucks will simply be cleaned to be useable for collecting recycling.

“We’re adding yard waste and tree debris pickup, very similar to how you schedule pickup on-demand,” she continued. “After a storm people can simply set it out at the curb, call us, provide us an address and we’ll come by and pick it up. If during the fall if you want to do large amounts of leaves, we ask they put those in compostable bags so they can be collected easier.”

Ardrey added that the city will begin collecting electronic waste at the Materials Management Site on state Route U.

• Amending commercial dumpster trash collection fees. The fee schedule has been streamlined to be listed in terms of how many times the dumpster is collected each week.

• Add a fee for commercial single-stream recycling and cardboard collection. Currently there is no charge for this service. Ardrey said the fee covers the city’s cost of doing business.

• Reduce residential trash pickup to once a week, effective Oct. 3.

“Because of the volume of waste we’re getting on those Thursday/Friday collections, we’re looking at on average a third gets picked up on Thursday and Friday compared to what’s picked up on Monday and Tuesday,” Ardrey said. “Also we took into consideration and talked with lots of other communities, we only know of one other community in the state that is picking up twice a week on a continual basis.”

During the meeting council also:

• Approved Change Order No. 1 from Reese Equipment Co. for the Yard Waste Grinding 7 Project for an increase in the amount of $2,500.

• Approved Change Order No. 1 from Chester Bross Construction Co. for the Mill and Overlay of Various Streets Project for an increase in the amount of $86,251.18.

• Approved Change Order No. 3 from Smi-Co Construction Inc. for a deduction in the amount of $26,026 for the Peak Flow Management Improvements Stormwater Equalization (EQ-1) Project.

• Approved bids for 32 Niche Columbarium at Crown Hill Cemetery to M&R Monument in the amount of $7,350.

• Approved an ordinance establishing a “no parking” restriction on both sides of Thompson Boulevard between West 16th Street and Broadway Boulevard.

• Approved quotes for the purchase of two 2016 Ford F-150 4×4 trucks for the Community Development Department from Rick Ball Ford for $21,889 per vehicle through the State of Missouri Cooperative Procurement Program.

• Approved an ordinance amending the budget for Fiscal Year 2016-17 regarding Katy Trail matching funds for the Katy Trail Overpass project.

• Approved an ordinance approving and accepting a Business Local Calling ILEC Pricing Schedule with AT&T relating to phone lines and fax lines located in the Sedalia Police Department dispatch area and other various areas of the city that are not compatible with the city’s new digital phone system.

All members were present.

Council also heard an annual report from Bothwell Regional Health Center CEO Jimmy Robertson. An article about that presentation will be published in the Democrat later this week.
Trash fee to increase, pickup decreases to once a week

By Nicole Cooke

Nicole Cooke can be reached at 660-530-0138 or @NicoleRCooke.

Nicole Cooke can be reached at 660-530-0138 or @NicoleRCooke.

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