49th annual Smithton Town and Country Fair results

Swine Show


Champion Berkshire Gilt: Rachel Hogan

Champion Duroc Gilt: Tyler Gerke

Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt: Maoory Kroeger

Champion Poland China Gilt: Mallory Kroeger

Champion Spot Gilt: Rachel Hogan

Reserve Champion Spot Gilt: Mallory Kroeger

Champion Crossbred Gilt: Zack Cordes

Overall Champion Gilt: Tyle Gerke

Reserve Overall Champion Gilt: Zack Cordes


Champion Berkshire Barrow: Stacia Lutrell

Champion Duroc Barrow: Megan Thomas

Champion Poland China Barrow: Kiersten Luttrell

Champion Yorkshire Barrow: Zack Cordes

Champion Crossbred Barrow: Tyler Gerke

Reserve Champion Crossbred Barrow: Megan Thomas

Overall Champion Barrow: Tyler Gerke

Overall Reserve Champion Barrow: Megan Thomas.

Beef Show:

Bottle Calves:

First: Zack Cordes

Second: Zander Shapley

Third: Kaysen Millsap


Champion Angus Heifer: Tyler Gerke

Champion Maintainer Heifer: Tyler Gerke

Champion Crossbred Heifer: Zack Cordes

Reserve Champion Crossbred Heifer: Kaysen Millsap

Overall Champion Heifer: Tyler Gerke

Reserve Overall Champion Heifer: Tyler Gerke


Champion Maine Anjou Steer: Tyler Gerke

Champion Crossbred Steer: Delaney Meyer

Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer: Dylan Deuschle

Overall Champion Steer: Tyler Gerke

Reserve Overall Champion Steer: Delaney Meyer

Beef Showmanship:

First: Dylan Deuschle

Second: Zack Cordes


Champion Doe: Emma slaughter

Reserve Champion Doe: Jon Curtis

Champion Meat Goat: Emma Slaughter

Reserve Champion Meat Goat: Jon Curtis

Goat Showmanship:

First: Emma Slaughter

Second: Zack Cordes


Champion Market Sheep: Harley Rumsey

Reserve Champion Market Sheep: Stacia Luttrell

Sheep Showmanship:

First: Kiersten Luttrell

Second: Carter Rumsey

Flower Show Best of Show

Flower Specimens

Sun Flower: Mary Jane Kahrs

Gladiolas: Liam Beckett

Day Lily: Mary Jane Kahrs


Hibiscus: Haleigh Freguson

Bouquets: Liam Beckett

House Plants

Begonia: Mary Merk


Beets; Leeks: R.D. Kahrs

Sweet Corn: Carol Tagtmeyer

Garlic: Mary Merk

Egg Plant: Diedrick Kahrs


Blackberries: R.D. Kahrs

Art Show Best of Show

Five years: Zane Kenyon

Six years: Maya Stevens

Nine years: Lily Stevens

10 years: Zach Walsh

12 years: Alex Walsh

13 years: Carleigh Cordes

16 years: Morgan Hoehns

Adult: Donna Raines and Sara Page

Home Economics Best of Show

Knitting: Karen Hamilton

Needle Work: Karen Hamilton

Quilts: Karen Hamilton

Clothing: Madalyn Amos and Shelby Miller

Hand Crafts: Delbert Smith

Food Preservation:

Green Beans: Kim Ferguson

Lime Pickles: Carol Tagtmeyer

Blackberry Jelly: Carol Tagtmeyer

Salsa: Carol Tagtmeyer

Baked Goods:

Cup Cakes: Haleigh Ferguson and Hailey Hollaman

Candy: Marsha Miyashiro

Pie Baking Contest

17 and Under

Fruit Pies

First: Harley Rumsey; blackberry

Second: Zach Walsh; watermelon

Third: Morgan Hoehns; cinnamon crumble apple

Fourth: Buzz Harris; blackberry

Fifth: Carson McNeeley; key lime

Nut Pie

First: Alex Walsh, chocolate

Cream Pie

First: Sam Tagtmeyer; banana caramel

Second: Lacy Wilson; lemon

Other Pies

First: Malena McNeeley; S’mores

Second: Alex Walsh; red velvet fudge

Grand Champion Pie 17 and Under: Harley Rumsey, blackberry

Reserve Grand Champion Pie 17 and Under: Zach Walsh; watermelon

Adult Pies


First: Carol Tagtmeyer; berry apple

Second: Terrinda Miller; caramel-nut-fruit

Third: Kandas Egner; blue goose

Fourth: Terrinda Miller; blackberry

Fifth: Elizabeth Carver; strawberry-blueberry

Nut Pies

First: Leslie Harris; honey pecan

Second: Kathy Rumsey; pecan cheese cake pie

Cream Pies

First: Marsha Miyashiro; coconut

Second: Carol Tagtmeyer; coconut dream

Third: Christa Baker; chocolate delight

Fourth: Tiffany Willis; coconut cream

Fifth: Terrinda Miller; peaches and cream

Other Pies

First: Marsha Miyashiro; German chocolate

Second: Alyssa Gerke; peanut butter brownie

Grand Champion Adult Pie: Leslie Harris; honey pecan

Reserve Grand Champion Pie: Kathy Rumsey; pecan cheese cake pie

Ice Cream


First: Sabrina Selvey

Second: Christie Baker


First: Julie Kroeger; peach

Second: Breana Kroeger, strawberry


First: Christie Baker: butter pecan

Second: Damian Lemens; chocolate cappuccino

Grand Champion Ice Cream: Christie Baker; vanilla

Reserve Grand Champion: Julie Kroeger; peach

Pedal Pull

0 to 40 pounds

First: Bryson Rehmer

Second: Sawyer Schirls

Third: Darci Teeter

Fourth: Mason Hehner

41 to 55 pounds

First: Zachary Rehmer

Second: Cory Pond

Third: Eva Teeter

Fourth: Braden Byerly

56 to 75 pounds

First: Triston Byerly

Second: Leyton Teeter

Third: Alexus Brumback

Fourth: Elizabeth Forsee

Fifth: Robbie Bower

76 pounds and over

First: Chase Stone

Second: Baxter Brown

Third: Ryan Pond

Fourth: Izzy Brown

Fifth: Lily Stevens

Super Farmer Competition

Youth Division

First: Grace Franke and Dakota Kroeger

Second: Breanna Franke and Leyton Shireman

Adult Division

First: Allison Asbury and Austin Monteer

Second: Amanda Lemens and Damian Lemens

Third: Whitney Fisher and Chris Marcum

Fourth: Cheyenne Wisecup and Rodney Wisecup

Skid Loader Rodeo

First: Nic Asbury; 3:04:13

Second: Hank Roberts; 3:07:94

Third: Damian Lemens 3:28:65

Pig Dressing

First: Bryan McClain, Jeff Walsh, Jason Culp :53 seconds

Second: Zachary Nowell, Stacia Luttrell, Josh Cornine :54 seconds

Third: Haley Kahrs, Dirk Apsher and Tanner Cline 1:22

Fourth: Dakota Kroeger, Grace Franke, Annie DeHaven 1:40

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