Healthy U hits halfway point

KC Agin

Mari Asbury

Wendi Burch

Ashley Caton

Amber Croka

Bobby Houston

Wyatt Jones

Dawn McNeeley

Sean Moore

Deliliah Nichols

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Patrick Wilson

KC Agin

Current Weight: 260.6

Pounds Lost: 46

Inches Lost: 59.25

Well this has been one of the hardest things I’ve done to get my life back, have energy, lose weight, and get healthy. I almost gave up until that fateful night in January I seriously didn’t think I was going to been chosen but here I am. I have gotten so much more out of Healthy U then I could ever give back. I made lifelong friends that have the same dreams as me. I lift weights, jog and am very conscious of everything I put in my body and making those decisions for my family so they can become healthier as well. I never thought that at my age I could do this but I am. I can’t waiting to see what the next six months hold for me. Thank you Healthy U and all the support I’ve gotten through this journey.

Mari Asbury

Current Weight: 212.2

Pounds Lost: 15.2

Inches Lost: 27.75

Sometimes as we get older it becomes easy to use the age thing as a reason not to push ourselves. Thankfully part of Healthy U is doing things you aren’t comfortable with and pushing yourself to become healthy. Age should never define who we are and what we can accomplish. A couple of weeks ago I stopped asking for the number on the scale during our Healthy U meetings. So right now I have no idea if I have gained or lost any weight. But what I do know is that since January I have walked in two 5Ks, played kickball, rode a bike, ate food that I never thought I would eat, and pushed myself to do burpees and mountain climbers. Healthy U has taught me that it’s not about the number on the scale — it’s about getting up and moving toward being healthy!

Wendi Burch

Current Weight:248.2

Pounds Lost: 40.6

Inches Lost: 46.5

I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing group of people. Through this I have achieved many things I didn’t think would be possible after my last surgery. I am more physically active with myself and my family. I enjoyed a physical vacation I never would have done. We hiked around the rim of the Grand Canyon and also hiked in the Superstition mountains in Arizona. I would have never done this before. I am actually planning vacations around what trails are around the location. Here’s to the next six months and next 40 pounds.

Ashley Caton

Current Weight: 208.8

Pounds Lost: 41.6

Inches Lost: 48.25

In the last six months this journey has taught me things about myself that I didn’t know I was even capable of accomplishing. I have run a few 5Ks and am training for a 10K and a half marathon. I hate running but I respect what it does for me. However, I do enjoy lifting weights and group fitness classes. This program has not only changed my way of eating but more importantly how I look at food. Food is fuel for your body! The difference in how I feel, not only physically but mentally, has made such an impact on my life. With your weight being public knowledge, it really makes you work harder to change that number! There is always someone to celebrate successes with but even more support to help with setbacks. I cannot thank all the volunteers and coaches enough for all the hours they devote to us and this program.

Amber Croka

Current Weight: 265.4

Pounds Lost: 47

Inches Lost: 38

My Healthy U journey has been full and eventful this year. I have established fitness and nutrition goals, which without the program I would have not fulfilled. Fitness has been an adventure, considering before I was not adding an exercise regimen to my life. I enjoy going to the gym, putting in the work, and seeing results. Along with the support of our group, I have ventured to do new things I would not have done before, such as a Turbo Kick class, water aerobics, and several trips to the Katy Trail for walking and running. I even started a blog to inspire others. The best thing, by far, is seeing my husband’s support, my daughters’ willingness to try new foods, and becoming my best self. I am definitely ready to see what the next six months holds!

Bobby Houston

Current Weight: 172.8

Pounds Lost: 31.8

Inches Lost: 40.5

Since I was chosen for the 2016 class of Healthy U, my life has changed completely. I’ve accomplished so much already and can’t wait to see what the next six months bring. The weight loss has been a great bonus, but receiving the knowledge and tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to my success. My coach, Katie Jobe, has pushed my body past my limits and I couldn’t thank her enough. I’m a new me and owe it all to Healthy U, my new friends of the class, and my amazing coach. Being a wife and mom has always been my No. 1 focus and I’ve enjoyed having more energy to do so. Thank you for helping me discover what I can do.

Wyatt Jones

Current Weight: 233.6

Pounds Lost: 35.6

Inches Lost: 39.25

My Healthy U journey so far has been an eye-opening, life-changing, educational and nutritional experience. I’ve broken through so many barriers and jumped over hurdles I didn’t think I ever would. I’ve tried new things across the board, from exercise to food to socializing to just learning to say one simple word to everything: “Yes.” The Healthy U program has literally changed my life and the life of those around me. We’ve all began eating healthier, incorporating exercise into our daily lives and just being better people all around. I’m so thankful to be part of this program and I can’t wait to take the things I learn this year and share them with those around me, willing participants or not. Thank you to all the people who make this program possible, you’ve changed all of our lives like a pebble in a pond — or perhaps a boulder.

Dawn McNeeley

Current Weight: 215.2

Pounds Lost: 60

Inches Lost: 68.25

My journey with Healthy U so far has been amazing! I am so blessed to have been paired with an amazing trainer and nutritionist to help guide me along the way. I have really tried to branch out and try new foods and exercises this past six months. So far, I have found that I love to cook (and eat) Asian foods and that circuit training with my awesome trainers has definitely been my go-to exercise. Thank you to everyone that volunteers their time and expertise to continue this amazing program! I am so thankful for receiving this unbelievable opportunity. It truly is a gift!

Sean Moore

Current Weight: 233.6

Pounds Lost: 37.4

Inches Lost: 41.75

Six months in. Six months of finding smaller clothes. Six months of big struggles. Six months of sweat. Six months of miles on the Katy Trail. Six months of physical exhaustion thanks to my fitness coach Lori Hurt. Six months of new friends. Six months of food logs and meal planning and re-education from my nutritionist Micah Waddel. It hasn’t been easy, and sometimes it’s been downright difficult, but it’s been life-changing. I keep saying there’s still so much to learn, so much to do, so far to go, but I can’t wait for the next six months. Six months left, six months for the rest of my life.

Delilah Nichols

Current Weight: 192.6

Pounds Lost: 38

Inches Lost: 51.25

Perseverance and a positive attitude are key components to success in Healthy U as with anything in life. Six months ago, I got winded walking up the basement stairs. Today, I can jog up and down the basement stairs without giving it a thought. When I learned Healthy U members were participating in a 5K my first thought was, “I’ll be walking,” yet I jogged the majority of my first. Having a spouse who participates in exercise with you and supports lifestyle changes is critical. I am very thankful for my life sidekick and spouse, Randy. What I love about Healthy U is that I plan to never be done! I intend to always be a Healthy U team member, encouraging those who come after me and staying active. I feel a deep gratitude and appreciation as I reflect on what Healthy U and my journey means to me!

Taylor Thomas

Current Weight: 168.2

Pounds Lost: 36.2

Inches Lost: 56.5

Some believe HU is only about weight loss. It is so much more. It is about making a lifestyle change, choosing healthier foods, making better choices all around, becoming more active, and becoming stronger. Strong is my new beautiful. Nothing I have achieved yet through weight loss this year compares to the exhilaration of finishing a half marathon or completing a WOD for a CrossFit competition or being able to do a zillion things I wasn’t strong enough or fit enough to do before. Healthy U is helping me to make memories, the really great ones. I have swam with my kids in the ocean, played on the beach in a swimsuit, roller skated, ran with my son next to me, enjoyed biking with my family, played in an adult soccer league, and so much more. This fall, I have big plans — two half marathons, a Tough Mudder, and a CrossFit competition. I. Can’t. Wait.

Patrick Wilson

Current Weight: 189.6

Pounds Lost: 44.2

Inches Lost: 51.5

When I started Healthy U, I started at 233 pounds, I was bulimic, I was angry, I was unconfident, I was sad. After six months of working my butt off (literally), I am down in the 180s. I can do physical things I didn’t think I could ever do. I’m happy. I no longer struggle with bulimia. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. And I feel like, for the first time, that I genuinely look good. The best thing about Healthy U is they showed genuine concern over my mental health as well. Bulimia is a nasty disease. Typically, men rarely get diagnosed with eating disorders. They got me professional help with dealing with it all. I’ve been gaining weight the past few weeks by bulking muscle and I’m still shocked with how I look. It didn’t come easy. There have been a lot of sacrifices – lots of chicken, lots of sweat, lots of smiles. And lots of friends made.

KC Agin Agin

Mari Asbury Asbury

Wendi Burch Burch

Ashley Caton Caton

Amber Croka Croka

Bobby Houston Houston

Wyatt Jones Jones

Dawn McNeeley McNeeley

Sean Moore Moore

Deliliah Nichols Nichols

Taylor Thomas Thomas

Patrick Wilson Wilson

Starting weight is from Jan. 16 and current weight is from July 14. Inches lost is from measurements on 14 locations on the body.

Starting weight is from Jan. 16 and current weight is from July 14. Inches lost is from measurements on 14 locations on the body.

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