Fair Watch

• It may not have happened on the Missouri State Fairgrounds, but it’s definitely a result of the Fair being in session. Thursday night, I was dropping off my friends in downtown Sedalia after watching Members Only in the Budweiser Tent when I saw a pickup truck driving down Ohio Avenue with two sheep in a cage in the back. As I tried to point out this unusual sight to my friends, they didn’t quite understand what I was showing them until one of the animals helped me out with an incredibly loud “baaaah!” Not something you see or hear on Ohio every day. — Reporter Nicole Cooke

• I’m a guy who loves his hot sauce but I’m still surprised by the recent onslaught success of Huy Fong’s Sriracha sauce. It seems like every place that serves hot food and has more than one location has at least one sriracha-based offering. There are shirts, key-chains, air fresheners, costumes, boxers and even plushies that look like that familiar red squeeze bottle with the green top. Sriracha fever has even hit the Missouri State Fair in the form of inflatable hot sauce bottles being sold next to the inflatable visages of characters like SpongeBob and Batman. The traditional condiments really need to step up their merchandise game. — Columnist Travis McMullen

• I didn’t eat on the fairgrounds Friday, but I plan to try to eat as much fair food as possible this year to get the true experience. So far my Twitter followers have unanimously suggested the Beef House, somewhere I usually eat at once or twice. Have another suggestion for me? Tweet me @NicoleRCooke, along with any other suggestions of what I should do at the 2016 Fair. — Reporter Nicole Cooke

• For years I’ve watched the Missouri Lottery booth at Mizzou Central in the Mo-Ag Theater stick out a little bit against its black and gold surroundings but this year it seems as though they’ve embraced the Mizzou. The giveaway items are Mizzou-themed, the booth decorations feature pictures of Faurot Field and other appropriate sights and they even have a special Mizzou Tigers Lottery ticket that I’ve never seen anywhere else. — Columnist Travis McMullen

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