Fair Watch

• The Missouri State Fair is always the epicenter of a refillable plastic cup epidemic. But the good people at Sedalia Moose Lodge 1494 have an interesting twist on the refillable plastic cup at their MSF satellite location. They’ve got these snazzy red plastic mugs, complete with the year, the event and the responsible organization. Once you buy one you can bring it back for a discounted refill of either soda or beer. I’m surprised the refillable alcohol container isn’t more common on the grounds, considering the fact that some wouldn’t be caught dead at the Fair without a drink or two. Let’s see some growlers on the grounds! — Columnist Travis McMullen

• In years past, fairgoers showing off their team spirit have tended to show their red — as in the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs. But much like the projected Electoral College map, fair fans are turning blue this year. Despite their struggles this season, the 2015 champion Kansas City Royals are well represented all across the grounds. — Columnist Bob Satnan

• With each passing year it seems like there are more ATMs around every corner of the Missouri State Fair. Sure, there are still a few vendors who have trouble accepting anything but base currency but putting up more machines is really treating the symptom rather than the cause. We should work toward a future where the vendors of the Fair accept all forms of payment. Paypal, Square, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, you name it. Let’s open up the fair to all the people and their money, no matter how they choose to pay. We can all agree that nobody likes ATM fees, right? — Columnist Travis McMullen

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