Fair Watch

• It may not always be easy to find, but the State Fair Museum is one of the secret highlights of the Fairgrounds. It’s located in the basement of the Women’s Building and the public can access it via a door around the back of the building. There’s great displays of fair history and physical fair relics, some of them donated by Fairgoers like you. If you’ve got an interesting Fair item from the past they’d probable love to display it on your behalf even if you’d prefer not to donate it. Plus, there’s a little counter where you can purchase out-of-date merchandise from past Fairs for discounted prices. — Columnist Travis McMullen

• As I was leaving the fairgrounds late Wednesday afternoon, I passed a family of four walking into the fairgrounds. I heard one of the younger boys say to who I assume was his dad, “I want kettle corn.” I have to say, I like this kid’s style. One of my favorite things about the Fair each year is getting my favorite Fair foods and trying new ones. I hope you got your kettle corn, kid. — Reporter Nicole Cooke

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