New twist on annual Sacred Heart Bazaar Auction

By Hope Lecchi -

Traditions are at the heart of any lasting event, but sometimes those traditions can change in the hopes of ensuring the event’s continued success.

Planners had that thought in mind when they suggested a new take on the annual Sacred Heart Bazaar Auction.

“We always have an auction with our annual bazaar, which is Oct. 9, but this year we decided to try something different,” said Timara Kennon, event co-chair with Suzanne Jenkins. “We’re combining some of the old with something we’ve never done before to showcase both events.

“We’re calling it Denim and Diamonds and it’s a dinner and live auction plus we have three really amazing raffles,” she added. “I am amazed at how this is all coming together and I am just in awe of the community and all the support we have been receiving.”

Changing traditions can at times be difficult, especially when the traditions are deep-rooted and have been successful.

“Sometimes change can be hard,” said Carol Turner, chairman of the bazaar. “The auction has always been tied in with the bazaar but this year we thought we would try to reach a different crowd and have fellowship in a different way.

“We met with the Parish Council and they approved of the changes and we are simply delighted with what they are doing — they have been a breath of fresh air and are what we needed.”

The event coincides with Sacred Heart’s homecoming and the bazaar, so the timing seemed perfect, according to Kennon.

“All of the grades are doing a basket or an item to be auctioned and it is amazing what some of them are,” Kennon said. “We didn’t want to take away from the bazaar in any way but I think this event has even sparked some friendly competition among the teachers and maybe even the grades.

“The teacher who sells the most raffle tickets will be given a day off from school,” Kennon commented. “One of our raffle items is a full year of tuition for a student at Sacred Heart that was donated by the bazaar committee, which is such a thoughtful gesture.”

The other items to be raffled include a SIG 1911 Super Target Stainless .45 Pistol donated by Starline Brass and a half a beef and chest freezer donated by McCollester Construction and the Bazaar committee.

“We really have some amazing and unique items this year,” Kennon added. “Every three years we can request tickets from the Disney Corporation and we have put together a Disney package that includes four passes to Disney World and $500 for travel expenses that came from the active parent club.

“One class is doing a coffee basket and it has a Keurig included as part of the basket,” she added. “We also have one of our students whose father is an attorney, who is going to donate his services and prepare a will for the highest bidder and those are just a few of the items we have.”

A list of the items available for auction can be found on the event’s Facebook page, Sacred Heart Bazaar Dinner Auction.

“We have already sold out of the tickets for the dinner but we have decided to offer a dessert only option,” Kennon said. “For $10 a ticket guests can come to the event at 6:30 p.m. and enjoy some delicious desserts before the auction begins at 7 p.m.

“It’s a really big weekend with homecoming and all of the other events that are a part of our bazaar,” she added. “We just hope that everyone will come out or get a group together and come because they are bound to find something they can’t resist.”

For more information about the Sacred Heart Inaugural Dinner Auction or to volunteer, visit the Facebook page or call the school at 827-3800.

By Hope Lecchi

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484.

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484.

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