SFCC votes to place measure on April ballot

By Hope Lecchi - hlecchi@sedaliademocrat.com

The State Fair Community College Board of Trustees approved a resolution at Tuesday’s meeting to place a new tax levy or bond on the April ballot.

The resolution states that the board requests “the taxing district voters in their service area to approve a general obligation to fund the construction, furnishings and equipment for a technical education facility and to renovate and expand the general classroom space in the existing Fielding Technical Center.”

Although the trustees have not determined the dollar amount for the proposed bond or levy, the board stated that now is the time to let the public know of its intentions. The board plans to have a dollar amount for the proposal in January.

“We feel that now is the time to let the community know what our intentions are for a possible new building and expansion of some of our technical education programs,” SFCC President Dr. Joanna Anderson told the Democrat after the meeting. “We know it will take some time to adequately educate the voters before the April election on our plans.

“April is the only upcoming election for community colleges that requires four-sevenths majority approval and that is one reason for our decision,” she added. “This is something that will benefit our students but also the Career and Technical Center students from our 11 sending schools who attend State Fair.”

The new technical center, if approved, will house the following programs: automotive technology, welding, precision machining, construction, engineering design, industrial maintenance, and the CTC Program for area high school students.

The current buildings used for the programs are 42 and 38 years old and space is a consideration for the programs.

The board is considering the addition of new programs including diesel and agricultural mechanics with approval of the measure.

“A highly skilled, adaptive workforce is vital in supporting our local and regional employers and in retaining a vibrant generation of employees and continuing a healthy economy and thriving communities,” the resolution stated. “SFCC is committed to training highly skilled employees to meet local and regional workforce demands of current and emerging industries.

“In 2014-15 the college served more than 10,000 students and community members including credit students and students and employees participating in non-credit community education, workforce training and adult education and literacy courses,” the resolution also stated.

The board pointed to the fact that for every $1 of public money invested in State Fair, taxpayers receive a cumulative value of $2.80. That figure represents a 7.7 percent annual return on investment to the community.

The college recently conducted a taxing district patron telephone survey and 64 percent of the respondents stated that support for a technical educational facility was the highest priority. More than half of the respondents said they would strongly favor or favor a proposal that led to a tax increase.

The board also voted to approve the new directors chosen for the SFCC Facilities Corporation. Those individuals include President/director Bob Berlin; vice president/director Kyle Herrick; secretary/director Mary Treuner; treasurer/directo, Garry Sorrell, and directors Dr. Joanna Anderson, Joe Fisher, Barry Guier, Gary McMullin and Laurie Ward.

In other actions the board:

•Voted to approve the proposal from AllyEnergy Services LLC, Clarksburg, for an amount not to exceed $34,485 to conduct a comprehensive operational review of the College’s Energy Innovation Center (EIC) and to negotiate on behalf of SFCC to improve the current EIC operating position. Funding source is the annual operating contingency budget.

Accepted bids from:

•The sole source quote from Computer Aided Technology, Kansas City, in the amount of $67,920.35 for 3D Printer Fortus 250mc Comprehensive Education Package. The funding is 50 percent Enhancement Grant, 50 percent local funding.

•CDW-G, Vernon Hills, Illinois, who is the preferred vendor for SFCC for an amount not to exceed $12,174, for six Afinia H-Series H800, 3D printer packages. The funding is 75 percent Enhancement Grant and 25 percent CTC funding.

•The sole source quote from Idaho Instrument Inc., Twin Falls, Indiana, in the amount of $12,540 for 12 ET-M Electro-trainers for the Automotive Technology Program. The funding is 75 percent Enhancement Grant, 25 percent local funding.

The Career and Technology Center at State Fair Community College has six ET-M Electro-trainers and purchasing 12 more will complement both programs by having 18 trainers of the same design and function.

ET-M Electro-Trainers have very specific design features that are not found in other trainers, according to information in the meeting packet. These features allow students to construct electrical circuits that are very similar to those found in automobiles, then test the circuits in a similar fashion as testing in the real world setting.

•The sole source quote from Baileigh Industrial, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, in the amount of $10,925 for a 220-volt three-phase metal cutting band saw, mitering vice and head. The funding source is 75 percent Enhancement Grant, 25 percent local funding.

•The sole Source quote from Haas, Olathe, Kansas, in the amount of $57,654.50 for 2 TL-1 CNC Toolroom Lathe packages, programming systems, coolant pump kits, 4-Station Automatic tool turret for ¾” turning tools and 8” manual 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck including blow gun and coiled hose and bracket. The funding source is 75 percent Enhancement Grant, 25 percent local funding.

•The low bid from Rhad Baker Construction of Fulton in the amount of $764,184 for additions and renovations to Hopkins Student Services Center. The funding source for the project is the State Repair and Renovation Funds.

•The low bid from URETEK Missouri Inc. of Tomball Texas in the amount of $16,669.76 for slab stabilization and repairs to Hopkins Students Services Center. The funding source of the project is the State Repair and Renovation Funds.


By Hope Lecchi


Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484.

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484.

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