Missouri voters back Amendment 2

KANSAS CITY (AP) — Wealthy donors no longer will be able to give unlimited amounts of money to Missouri candidates after voters decided to reinstate caps on individual and organizational donations to political campaigns.

The proposal, known as Constitutional Amendment 2, will limit contributions to candidates to $2,600 per election and cap donations to political parties at $25,000. The limits will increase with inflation.

Missouri’s previous campaign contribution limits were repealed in 2008.

Since then, some donors have routinely given five- and six-figure checks. Multimillion-dollar donations in the governor’s race this year broke records.

The new constitutional amendment also will enact restrictions on other political giving in an attempt to prevent political committees from obscuring the source of their money.

There won’t be limits on candidates self-funding their own campaigns.

In Pettis County, 12,385 voters (70.84 percent) supported Amendment 2, while 5,099 (29.16 percent) were against it.

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