Tuxedos feature colorful accessories for grooms

By Hope Lecchi - hlecchi@civitasmedia.com

By Hope Lecchi


The trend for groom’s tuxedos is still traditional, but there is a new take on the classic standard this season: color.

“While black is always a popular, good choice, we are seeing many mores couples choosing gray and khaki for their tuxes,” said Ken Weller, owner of Weller’s Men’s Wear. “The color is coming in with the choices of their vest color and accessories.”

Weller said many men were choosing to go with colored vests, suspenders, bow ties and even socks.

“It’s still true that the brides really drive what the men wear,” Weller said. “The men are finding ways to personalize their choices through the accessories though.”

The Weller family has been in business for 65 years and offers a personal service that Weller said is difficult to find in many larger markets in Columbia and Kansas City, for example.

“We don’t like to hurry the couples when they come in to choose their tuxedos,” Weller said. “We spend time with them to help them get the perfect match for their wedding.

“Most couples spend an hour or so speaking with us and looking at their options,” Weller added. “Even with something like the choice of a gray tux, we offer six different shades of gray so we want to make sure that the shade is exactly the right one.”

Weller recommends selecting the clothing for the groom and the attendants four to six weeks in advance, but he added most couples come in well before that time frame.

The order typically comes in four days before the event.

“Once the tuxes arrive we ask the men to come in for their final fitting,” Weller said. “We will make any final alterations at that time to make sure that the fit is perfect.

“I think that is a difference that sets us apart from the cities too,” Weller added. “We are going to make sure that each tuxedo has a custom fit and because we are local the guys don’t have to make three or four trips to the city and back to make sure that everything is right, we take care of that here for them.”

Weller also said the store provides a lower cost on the tuxedos and offers the groom’s tuxedo at no cost when there are more than six tuxedos ordered for the wedding party.

The average price range at Wellers is $59 to $139 per tuxedo, excluding the cost of the shoe rental if that is desired.

“It seems June and the summer months are still the most popular for weddings,” Weller said. “People really don’t like to try to plan around the weather when they have to worry about the rain and the heat or cold.

“In the past years it seems we have had weddings booked for every weekend except on holiday weekends,” Weller added. “Most couples feel there is just too much going on then and they want to make sure that their loved ones can be there on their special day.”

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484

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