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Editorís note: A story about Sheriff Kevin Bond taking care of a complaint about a heating problem at the county jail elicited a surprising number of comments on www. sedaliademocrat.com. Here are a few of them, which have been edited.

And what makes this article newsworthy when there are so many other community stories that would have been much more informative and beneficial to society? So an inmate got cold. We set our thermostat to 64 every night and throw a blanket on. Heís in jail. A little discomfort of a criminal does not headlines make. Did his criminal offense get that much attention? Pfft. Baloney. Come on guys. I know itís cold and snowy, but you can find something better to write about.

ó SL

Heard todayís lead story will be a clogged poopo machine in the jail. Bond immediately requests a plunger. With pictures!

ó In Da Day

He doesnít fight crime; he fixes duct work. He doesnít solve burglaries; he tells you to buy a dog. He doesnít keep drunks in jail; he lets them be free like little birdies. Thatís our man, Sheriff Bond.

ó Frick Frack

Very good point, SL. I agree with you. Come on, Sedalia Democrat, tell us all what the Sheriff has over you, ha ha like we donít already know.

ó Agree

Editorís note: Why donít you tell us? Iíd like to know myself.

Built and occupied in 2004, this jail had so much dust and lint it fouled up the heating. I am smelling something, and it smells like election year!

ó In 2004

The Democrat should interview someone who has actually seen the inside of the jail.

ó Been There

Iíll bet the next story will be: Sheriff Kevin ďI coddle prisoners if I can catch Ďem Bond announced today a reduction in patrol deputy staff. Bond said he had to reassign three deputies to handle complaints by inmates. Numerous inmates have complained that the coffee served them is bitter and usually cold. To address these complaints, Bond has reassigned one deputy to grind coffee fresh daily using only Arabica beans to improve the taste, another deputy to serve the coffee so it arrives to the inmate hot and fresh and the third deputy has been assigned as activities director for coloring contests and to make sure that the DVD players all have fresh movies for the inmates to watch.

ó Canít Believe Heís Sheriff

Grow up, people. Iím sure most of you would never get within a hundred feet of the jail for fear you may get the wheels on your luxury vehicles dusty. Donít act like you have any idea what it takes to run a jail or that you have any rational thought about what itís like.

ó Seriously?

The problem isnít the sheriff, itís the attorneys for the prisoners. If an attorney informs you that their client is freezing in jail and you are in charge of the jail, what would you do? Do nothing and wait to be sued by the inmate, claiming lasting bodily injury do to the freezing jail cell or fix the heat and move on? This is America, and you can and will be sued for anything. Municipalities are a prime target for lawsuits and the jail is no exception. Be happy the attorney informed the sheriff of the complaint or we could have a stupid lawsuit on our hands. Then whoís side would you choose?

ó GK

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