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Editor’s note: These reader comments in response to the story reporting Sheriff Kevin Bond’s reaction to Presiding Commissioner Rusty Kahrs’ county budget message have been edited for publication in The Sedalia Democrat newspaper.

Go figure, the high sheriff made more money with a 200-plus person jail in 2007 than Starke did with a 32-person jail in 2003. Wow, Bond is a hero! You go get them.

— Dingus

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Memorandum for Victor Cerda Deputy Executive Associate Commissioner read as follows: “The Jail Administrator Captain Sam Hargrave requested an ICE jail audit be conducted on his facility as his superiors were requesting that he hold federal prisoners. Captain Hargrave was informed that an ICE inspection was extrememly difficult in comparison with other agency inspections from the immediate area. To better prepare Captain Hargrave a copy of the inspection was sent to his location as well as an advisory as to where the Dentention Standards could be found on the internet. Immediately after our arrival Captain Hargrave informed the inspectors that he believed that his facility would pass the majority of the Stadards if they were somewhat flexible which we advised him that they were. Unfortunately the Standards are not as flexible in some issues as opposed to others which led to this facilities at risk rating. Captain Hargrave explained that the current policies and procedures had been revamped and other facilities had been consulted to this end. It became apparent when the inspection began that the facility had been consulted was Jackson Co. Dentention Center in Kansas City as the entire book of policies and procedures was stamped with the Jackson Co. Seal on the beginning of every page. The seal had been crossed out in pen with Pettis County written in its place. Several other changes also in pen had been made by the Jail Administrator to tailor the Jackson Co policies to his facilities needs.” It continues for several more pages.

— Mitt R

Whenever money is brought in and it goes to the coffer for distribution through out the county, some departments are going to be short-handed. Priorities are discussed and no one comes out a winner. However, the Sheriff's Department is very vital to this or any other county. I certainly wish the commissioners would wake up to reality as to the importance of law enforcement in Pettis County.But the only thing I see and have seen since 1958 is the old buddy, buddy system. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

James T. Hunt Jr.

Can we have some stories about the Arizona sheriff, the one who is really tough on crime? The one who makes inmates wear pink. The one who I wish was our sheriff. This current one whines way too much. About everything.

— Anne

Argue all you want, but we can all agree that this year's county elections are going to make for interesting writing. Sure hope Ollie's kids don't miss the good stuff looking to trash him, her or whoever!

— Buckwheat

The jail proposition in this county was a great big hole in which to throw money into before it was even constructed. We listened to all the sob stories from Starke, we saw the torn up toilet in the vacant cell. We believed the conditions were so harsh, so we conceded. I think the sheriff has done everything that is humanly possible to run this jail. A jail is seldom a profitable venture, I only wish the commissioners would come to terms with the mistakes of the past and help the sheriff rather than being so adversarial.

— Concerned Citizen

So, what's next? Is Kahrs’ next dream that we don't need a jail at all? ... Kahrs is playing with public safety in trying to cut a vital budget. He needs to find another scapegoat for his underhandedness.

— Taxpayer

Hey Taxpayer is right. I understand the sheriff's budget has been reduced by taking maintenance, payroll taxes and health insurance off its budget and putting them into the general fund budget. Yet, the sheriff's budget continues to grow each year. I don't understand all the complaining. I thought it was only in Washington that a decrease in the growth of spending is considered a cut.

— Sick of It

Well ... you have Jim Gaertner, Jim Desmond, Ed Vaughn, who use to be a deputy, and Fred Suroff, a longtime trooper and radio voice of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Not to mention Doug Barklage, who just retired this week from the Highway Patrol and was a Sedalia cop. Could be interesting to say the least. Also heard that there was one inside the office thinking strongly about running. And they have dirt!

— Fred Rutherford

Eddie, I heard that a couple Sedalia cops that just retired are running, one Democrat one Republican. Heard the main issue is letting drunks Sedalia P.D. arrested right out the back door of the jail. Revolving door so to speak.

— Lumpy

Where is this revolving door for drunks at the jail? Drunks are held or released based on the how the Police Department officer does the paperwork. The disposition is on P.D. You don't hear the Highway Patrol or Sheriff’s Department complaining. They know how to do the paperwork to accomplish their desired result. Trouble is the Police Department thinks their word is law regardless of what the actual law says. Leads to harrassment of citizens.

— bse

I know who is running for Sheriff. It is Brad Anders from the Sedalia P.D. Platforms are being established as we speak and one major change will be the breaking down of the revolving drunk door. The second might be the strengthening of relations with another law enforcement agency known as the Sedalia P.D. Bond has done what he can to not foster easy working relations with the S.P.D. Both agencies have officers and deputies that rely on each other and are made to jump through hurdles just to communicate with each other in times of emergency. Then how about a central dispatch center to save big bucks for the county and the city? How about the removal of fear from losing your job if you don't vote a certain way or support a certain candidate for sheriff if you’re an employee for the sheriff's office. How about the establishment of a city, county special response team for high risk entries? These are just a few of the things I ponder. Check out the big brain on Brad! Brad Anders for sheriff!

— My Boy Brad

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