John Hood to retire as president of MCH Strategic Data

SWEET SPRINGS, Mo. — MCH Strategic Data announced last week that John Hood is planning to retire at the end of 2015, after 18 years as president.

Hood began his career in 1964 as a buyer for Baker & Taylor in Hillside, N.J. He joined Market Data Retrieval (MDR) in 1981, becoming vice president and general manager before leaving to establish the K-12 educational marketing division of Internet incubator CMGI. Hood joined MCH as president in 1997, and over the next 18 years oversaw its expansion from a small list company into a cutting-edge presence in the data compilation industry.

“John has been a great partner, and responsible for so many MCH innovations,” said Peter Long, CEO of MCH Strategic Data. “He has the DNA of an investigator and inventor — I’m fascinated by his ability to turn technology and raw data into valuable tools and insights. The numerous services and products John introduced to the marketplace have advanced the cause of the marketing profession.”

“John has a true passion for understanding market needs, the coming effects of legislation, emerging trends, and responding with thoughtful solutions,” said Larry Buchweitz, MCH Director of Sales. “He always pushes for organizational excellence. MCH is certainly a much better company because of his tireless contributions.”

“I can enjoy my retirement knowing that I leave MCH in very capable hands,” said Hood. “Our senior management team is the strongest I have ever worked with. It’s hard to leave, but I feel it’s far better to make room for the next generation when the company is on such a fantastic roll. I’m 73, and the time is right to enjoy the next phase of my life while I still can.”

Hood plans to remain in the Midwest, and “enjoy some long-overdue travel plans” with his wife, Hope.

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