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“To quote (former Federal Reserve chairman) Alan Greenspan in Time magazine speaking about Washington, D.C. politicians: ‘I have never seen it like this. Clearly the problem is in the Republican Party. If you make every issue non-compromiseable, you can’t have laws.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the holiday TV insert in Friday’s paper. It is really nice and helpful.”

“Hydraulic fracking for oil is done by pumping huge amounts of chemical-laced water under pressure into underground rock. When our drinking water, ponds and streams are full of chemicals, remember, I warned you ahead of time. Call your congressman and senator. Please, no fracking.”

“I imagine if the truth were known 90 percent of Larry Stevenson’s supporters are VFW members. He is very wrong on two major health hazard issues. One, allowing smoking in the private clubs. It should not be allowed anywhere and it is not fair to the bar owners. Second, not wanting full inspections for downtown buildings is dangerous to anyone shopping downtime. I think it is scary to be downtown with all these old buildings.”

“If we don’t pass the inspection ordinance I think council, staff and citizens need to think long and hard before we follow through on the last of the streetscape project or put any more money into improving downtown. Let the paranoid teabaggers have their privacy, that’s fine. But you get not one more dime of city money for your sidewalks, streets, sewers, streetlights or anything else. What is the point if you can’t even be expected to maintain your property safely and carry some insurance?”

“I just wanted to thank you for listening to the people and putting the paper back more like it should be. The only thing I would say is maybe now do something about the crossword puzzle. It is looking really good and I appreciate it.”

“If your turkey’s white meat was dry and tough, you didn’t cook it right. Try cooking it upside down for five hours, or, better still, cook it in a paper sack.”

“I don’t like all the changes in the paper either, but I learned a long time ago when you work for someone else, whoever holds the purse strings is the person who makes the decisions. Sometimes you can express your own ideas, but in the end it is the boss who makes the final decision and if you can’t follow directions they will find someone who can.”

“What is all the fuss about the TV listings? Don’t you folks have a TV Guide channel on your TVs?”

“The idea of a human chain to help move unconscious and injured people out of a building should be remembered like they did in Scotland with a recent disaster. We need more volunteers to be trained for emergencies.”

“I own a brand new car. I have to have liability insurance and had to have inspected by law, but I can operate a business in a 100-year-old building and I don’t need an inspection or insurance? That just doesn’t ring like it makes any sense to me.”

“For the Chiefs’ Nation: You say your defense is better than my 1985 Chicago Bears? Really? How has that been working out for you in the last three games? Better than my ‘85 Bears? Keep dreaming.”

“The Chiefs’ new ‘puff-puff-pass’ offense has gone from 9 and 0 to 9 and ‘oh, that’s it?’”

“I hope you bet the right way on that game.”

“Yes, sage. Or two teaspoons of poultry seasoning.”

“The pictures on the front page of the Democrat showing locally-grown poinsettias are beautiful. They sure received plenty of TLC.”

“If you are trying to save the cost of ink, why don’t you change the headings back to what they used to be. The bold font is too black and wastes ink for no purpose. The prior font looked very good.”

“Mr. Stevenson, I think you should impeach yourself from the council.”

“I just signed up for Obamacare. It wasn’t a big hassle and I am covered by insurance for the first time in years.”

“I’m not a huge Obama fan, but the lies have to stop. Benghazi is a lie, look at the ‘60 Minutes’ issue. IRS was a lie, plus, the IRS is supposed to check and make sure people claiming an exemption really deserve one. Now it is this hooey about Obama closing the Vatican Embassy. If you have said it, repeated it, shared it on your Facebook page or anything else to do with it you should be ashamed because you are telling a bold faced lie. It isn’t closing; it’s moving.”

“I hope the fast food workers strike until they get their $15 minimum wage. Don’t let them feed you a line on this any more. They say ‘Oh no, we can’t do that because of prices and inflation.’ Well, how come it is that if you raise the minimum wage by $7 it will cause economic doom, but if you pay some terrible CEO $1 million instead of $7 million after they wreck some company, how come that is OK and doesn’t cause inflation? I think we are getting hosed.”

“You people leave Larry Stevenson alone. You just don’t like it when someone disagrees with you.”

“Mr. Galliher is one of the few reasonable people at city hall and I think he’ll make a great mayor. You have my vote, councilman.”

“Forget the inspections. Property owners should have to pay for those themselves anyway. What we should talk about is mandatory insurance. I don’t get to bill your business to rake and haul away my leaves, so why should the rest of us clean up the mess of your falling down buildings? You don’t like it? Don’t live downtown.”


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