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“Employers in Sedalia should get their heads out of their rears before they run off all the good employees. Can they not see that good employees are hard to come by? The last laugh will be on them when their business goes belly up.”

“I still miss Dr. K’s column. Can you please put that back in there. It was so informative.”

“Since you no longer have the Sunday crossword puzzle, ‘Ask Harriet’ or the ‘Doctor is In,’ and it has become a right-wing Republican newspaper, I will no longer purchase the newspaper.”

“Just wanted to compliment the Democrat for publishing a TV guide for the Christmas-related programs for the holiday. Thank you.”

“Can you please put the standings for the NFL and the college Top 25 back in the paper. I really buy the paper for the sports section. If you guys would do that we would really appreciate it.”

“We were wondering if Sedalia school administrators got their holiday pay taken away with the budget cut in 2011. We just think this makes for a bad Christmas.”

“Barack Obama’s Kenyan-born uncle, who ignored deportation more than two decades ago, was granted permission to stay in the United States on Tuesday. Change you can believe in.”

“Please bring back ‘The Doctor is In’ in the newspaper. I wrote to him.”

“Well no wonder Larry Stevenson didn’t want inspectors to go through the VFW.”

“When you want something important done and you have to make a request, put it in writing. Specify, specify, specify.”

“Put the Sunday puzzle back in the paper or give us a notice you are never going to put it back in. Let us know what you are going to do.”


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