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“Suggestion for the Sedalia City Council, when considering the priorities list please remember there are more areas in this town than the old downtown. Citizens for Clean Sedalia, an additional or improved transportation would help more people. More bang for our buck.”

“Just a little caution to what happened in West Virginia regarding their water supply. Why would a chemical plant be allowed to build a plant upstream from a water treatment plant, or why would you build a water treatment plant downstream from a chemical plant. A discharge or leakage could happen at any time.”

“The stolen information of Target customers wouldn’t be so bad if the use of credit cards stayed at the level when first introduced. Whenever you made your purchase you presented a credit card and then signed a slip for verification.”

“I read the front page story about Bothwell implementing a new screening for newborns. I guess I miss the point. If this is a state law that went into effect on Jan. 1, why is it front page news that they are doing the test?”

“I agree with Travis McMullen that marijuana smokers shouldn’t have to go to jail, but many that smoke should have to wear a dress.”

“Bringing the horoscopes back to the paper would be pretty cool.”

“Are you still harping on the IRS scandal? I can remember when Republican President Richard Nixon using the IRS to harass the people at newspapers on his infamous enemies list that he was constantly checking and adding to. Don’t cast the first stone unless your political party is innocent.”

“Thank you Mark Hewett, you did the right thing. We need to do this right the first time. I also think you need to wait until you can afford indoor pools.”

“I really enjoyed the rookie reporters articles. Can we make that a permanent part of the paper?”

“Mark Hewett, all the years that you have been doing your job, I always knew you were a stand-up person. That is why our parks are some of the best in the area, because you think things through. You aren’t like some of these other political sections in Sedalia that if it came to a tax hike just throw it up there because another tax won’t hurt Sedalia. You thought this through and you knew Sedalia wasn’t ready for another tax hike. We can’t afford it. Thanks for thinking of the people.”

“What has happened to the birds? None come to my feeders anymore. Does anyone else have this problem?”

“Thursday over 20 subpoenas were issued in Chris Christie’s ‘Bridgegate.’ I wonder how many subpoenas have been issued for Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi? Oh wait, as Hillary says, ‘What’s the big deal? What difference does it make?’ Change you can believe in.”

“I can’t believe in Tuesday’s paper they are going to hold up voting on the tax for the community center until the fall. I am not going to vote for it anyway, because they are wrong to do options for more funding. They done turned down $1 million because they didn’t want to use the name of the person that donated the money. Makes no sense. I don’t think anyone in Sedalia is ever going to vote for the tax anyway. I don’t understand what is going on with that situation.”

“I didn’t realize Missouri is the only state out of 50 to have no limits on gifts and donations to politicians. These politicians are accepting free donations and gifts while complaining that some Missourians should not have health insurance or food stamp assistance. Quote: ‘It is unlikely that Missouri’s Republican-led legislature would embrace the entire proposal,’ to limit free money to themselves. now that is no surprise, is it? Tell everyone else to tighten their belts, but never them.”

“This is in response to the article in Wednesday’s paper concerning the Little Rock school district. I saw parallels to some city school districts in Missouri that are in jeopardy of losing their accreditation because of disparities between the schools within the district. It has nothing to do with race or educational values. I am an educator, my sister is a social worker. She reminds me constantly that we are not social workers or counselors; we are educators — that is our job. Stop blaming the schools for poor performance. I don’t look forward to the day when teachers are required to get a teaching degree, a social working licence and a degree in counseling to be certified to teach. When will parents be held accountable? Teachers are not there to replace family units. It is not our job to raise your children; it is our job to educate them.”

“I read that the GOP has launched another new outreach program to try and lure in young women voters. The same week, Richard Black, a congressional candidate in Virgina said that there was no such thing as a husband raping his wife and it shouldn’t be considered a crime. Change you can believe in? No, that is change you should be terrified of.”

“We have been talking about this community center for almost a decade. We all want it. We all need it. Why on earth are we waiting? Let’s get it approved and get it built.”

“I wonder how much money our local state reps get to take home with no limits on contributions? I guess that’s how people leave office more wealthy than they were when they got elected even though they presumably have to set aside their own careers so they can do their job in Jeff City.”

“Obama is supposed to talk about the NSA spying today. Good, but I doubt much will change. We need to repeal the PATRIOT Act and the authorization of force in Iraq and get back to the Constitution. Terrorism is a crime and a tactic, not a country or an enemy. You can’t go to war against a word.”

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