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“I was wondering if there is a good and valid reason why we no longer get a print of the baseball team standings for the American and National leagues? I really would like to see that back in the paper.”

“In response to Judge Mitchell’s reasonable doubt column, I am sure she must also be aware of the tens of thousands of people sitting in our prisons who are either innocent or overcharged. They are there because they were picked up on suspicion of something and agreed to accept a plea deal instead of facing the ramifications of a jury trial. The system does not work the way it does on television. There may be some cases of reasonable doubt where someone should have gone to jail, I would venture there are far, far more people who went to prison that should never have been sent there.”

“This is to the person that made the statement in the June 14 paper to impeach Obama. Do you realize the procedures they have to go through for impeachment? You don’t just walk in and say ‘You are impeached.’ It is a long procedure. He has another two years left and will be getting out of there. I will be glad when he leaves because he has put up with enough of this mess from you people. I hope you treat Hillary Clinton better than President Obama, because she will be our next president.”

“Hillary said ‘The five Taliban prisoners Obama released are not a threat to the U.S. but they are a threat to Afghanistan and Pakistan.’ Why were they in GITMO prison for 12 years if not dangerous to America? It just doesn’t make sense.”

“Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed a package of special sales tax breaks last week that Republicans had passed for their friends. Nixon denounced them a ‘grab bag of generous giveaways, sweetheart deals and special interest favors that could bust a $425 million hole in the state budget.’ How could you people have voted in those Republicans?”

“I ate tacos when no one else even knew what they were. I want to clear this up: A taco does not come wrapped in a flour tortilla.”

“I think the City of Sedalia is paying way too much to get the downtown buildings inspected but not making mandatory for them to fix it, just aware. What a waste of money.”

“I wish people would tell the truth. I wish there were no cover-ups. You aren’t going to lose your job.”

“To the person complaining about Sedline. Congratulations, you are No. 31. It just goes to show you can’t fix stupid.”

“My neighbor gave me some fresh-picked leaf lettuce. I couldn’t find any vinegar for the dressing, so I used wine. It sure was good.”

“On the release of the Taliban prisoners, Hillary Clinton recently said: ‘Look, these commandos don’t represent a threat to the United States. They only represent a threat to Afghanistan and Pakistan.’ How naive. And she wants to be our commander-in-chief?”

“There is no legitimate reason the price of gas should be increasing. We now produce more than enough for domestic consumption and are actually selling oil abroad. We have been told every time someone fires an AK-47 in the Middle East gas went up because of a possible disruption in the supply. There is not a problem with that now. Look at oil company profits. Oil companies should be nationalized as in other industrialized countries. If you can’t afford gasoline now, who should some CEO make millions off of your misfortune?”

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