A bad day for Missouri?

Kyle Garner is a Democrat running against Nathan Beard in the 52nd District of the House of Representatives. As a Democrat his views are not surprising. He makes many assertions I find disturbing. Harder to vote? Voter ID is simply common sense in my opinion. Presenting identification is necessary at your local DMV, cashing a check or many other privileges. Certainly presenting identification when exercising one’s constitutional rights is not unreasonable. Mr. Garner insists that voter impersonation simply does not exist. I could reference any dozens of stories about voter fraud including one woman who claims to have voted five times for president Obama. What planet is Mr. Garner living on?

Mr. Garner opposes the idea of a Constitutional Right to carry one’s own firearms in a Concealed Carry Method. I’m certain he also would be opposed to open carry. Missouri is the 11th state to pass Constitutional Conceal Carry legislation. Many studies done have confirmed the fact that with concealed carry there is a reduction in crime. Criminals carry their weapon concealed illegally, hence the labeling of criminal for that individual. Law-abiding citizens should be able to carry their firearms with out interference from the state as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Mr. Garner also opposes Stand Your Ground Legislation as passed by the legislature. Simply put if someone invades my home in the middle of the night I am not required by law to retreat from my home. I have the right to defend my personal property and the safety of my family as I see fit. If this includes the use of a firearm then so be it. The right to have private and personal property is at the core of our Constitution. Perhaps Mr. Garner needs to go back to school on this issue. Mr. Garner references several organizations opposed to the legislation. I am unaware why their opinion should be valued above mine or any other citizen. Mr. Garner also references the Catholic Church as being opposed. Mr. Garner we live in a representative republic, not a theocracy or a democracy. Perhaps you need some education as to our government and its intended operation.

Mr. Garner’s criticism of the clean water commission legislation is unwarranted and unfounded. As a Democrat he naturally assumes anyone opposed to government control is in favor of dirty air and dirty water. His assumption is far from the truth, qualified people in agriculture and mining should be on the commission. Mr. Garner assumes corporate interests will dominate the commission. Farm Bureau has endorsed the legislation along with many others. The commission is appointed by the governor, so there is accountability to the voter. Mr. Garner is also critical of tax breaks to farmers in case of a disaster. He says it will cost $50 million. He complains about millions when Medicare expansion he Trumpets Support For will Cost in the Billions and that’s a whole lot of zeros. Missouri needs thriving agricultural as a part of its economy, it also needs protection.

Mr. Garner refers to the Republican override of the governors vetoes as reprehensible and immoral.

These allegations from a Democrat are quite amazing. A Democrat who stands with abortion on demand. A Democrat who stands with Hillary Clinton, perhaps one of the most corrupt officials in our history. No Mr. Garner it is you and the Democrat Party who are reprehensible and immoral.

Howard Bradley


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