Honoring our veterans

Each November, Crossroads Hospice makes a special effort to honor Veterans for their sacrifices and commitment to protecting our freedoms.

But this year, October 1st offers an historic opportunity to honor both our World War II Veterans and the values they defended. That day marks the 70th anniversary of when the first Nuremberg Trial verdicts were rendered for Nazi war crimes.

Even before Germany’s surrender, Allied forces had begun uncovering Nazi atrocities, including death camps where more than 6 million European Jews and as many Slavs, Gypsies and others deemed inferior by Nazi demagogues were systematically slaughtered.

Allied leaders faced an unprecedented challenge – how to administer justice in the face of such widespread mass murder. Mindful of missteps following World War I, the Allies were determined to set a fair and democratic standard for future generations. An International Military Tribunal began November 20, 1945, in the city of Nuremberg, Germany.

At the first Nuremberg Trials, the court found that Germany’s top leaders had willingly embraced an evil Nazi ideology that disregarded human values which Americans deem self-evident: life, liberty and the right to pursue one’s own vision of happiness.

Today, as the number of surviving World War II Veterans dwindles, we take a moment to honor them for their commitment to protecting the values we cherish – and pledge that our actions and our aspirations will continue to support those values throughout our communities and our country.

Janet Hessenflow,

Executive Director

Crossroads Hospice and Palliative Care

Independence, Missouri

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