Bidding farewell to Sedalia summer

By Deborah Mitchell - Contributing Columnist

And whoosh! It’s August, and summer’s over. Lest people protest and say, “No! We have another month!,” remember that Sedalia 200 starts in two and a half weeks, and in my hometown, Thayer Bobcats will go back Aug. 10.

It seems like yesterday that I slept with the windows open in June, waking to the sound of birds singing instead of an alarm. But it wasn’t yesterday; it was eight weeks ago, now, when summer’s nascent promise was offering me a world of hope and excitement for what was to come. Instead, I have slogged through most days, doing the work required on files, on preparing for the school year, on seeing the top of my desk! Most of my summertime enjoyment has come from watching the neighborhood outside my office window.

It hasn’t all been a disaster, though. Max and I were able to go to Little Rock to visit Emily, and then to Bentonville to see the Chihuly exhibition, and we will finish the summer with another trip to Little Rock. We planned a baby shower for the daughter of a friend, and I got to try my hand at baking a cake (it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself). We watched the tiny house progress and tried one of those fancy schmancy home food delivery services.

I discovered, with the help of Nina and Doug Freed, the great new addition to the Farmers’ Market – Green Truck bread. Before I tried Green Truck’s breads, the best bread in the world was in Leslie, Arkansas, but that is a long way to go to get bread, so I was thrilled when Green Truck’s was just as good. If you haven’t had any, truck on out to the Farmers’ Market next Tuesday (sorry, I couldn’t resist) and pick up some. You won’t be sorry.

The Farmers’ Market has been a summer highlight more than for just that bread. Last year, Max and I bought some heirloom tomatoes, and we saved the seeds to try to grow our own this summer. That project hasn’t been as successful as I wanted, but we do have some tomatoes, and so we have been able to enjoy the best summer meal ever – BLT sandwiches with sweet cantaloupe, and fresh corn cut right off the cob, sautéed quickly in a touch of olive oil with thyme and shallot and a dash of salt, pepper and sugar. By the way, we got the bacon at the Farmer’s Market, too. And the corn. And the lettuce. And, of course, the bread.

The waning summer temperatures this week have allowed me to go out to the pergola in the late afternoon – before the Royals games start – to just breathe away the tensions of the day. It’s nice to hear nothing but the muffled sounds of the neighborhood – yelling kids, yapping dogs, lawnmowers, and the occasional leaf blower.

Unfortunately, the Royals got off to a kind of slow start, but they are picking it up very nicely, and so this summer is turning out like the three summers before – Royals games every night on television. Though we miss Greg Holland and Wade Davis, we are developing a warm relationship with Whit Merrifield, but yelling at Joakim Soria, and wondering what Dayton Moore could possibly have been thinking to keep Soria and trade away Davis. Max and I are betting on their getting to the playoffs this year, and so we think we know what we are going to be doing in October.

Libby mentioned that summers used to feel as if they lasted forever, but now, they whiz by, just as this one has. I think it’s that way with all seasons. As we get older, we find that what is precious to us – time – goes by too quickly – almost too quickly for us to enjoy. Maybe knowing that is the secret to learning to enjoy what we have when we have it. So though these past 90 days haven’t played out the way I had hoped, I’ve been able to hold onto those things that have made summer just perfect the way it has been. Now, on to fall. There’s lots going on!

By Deborah Mitchell

Contributing Columnist

Deborah Mitchell is a a local attorney and a Municipal Court Judge.

Deborah Mitchell is a a local attorney and a Municipal Court Judge.

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