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“I think people who call Sedline to complain, I mean, there are more important things in the world than what they are complaining about. ... Some of the comments are just dumb. ... Don’t complain about stuff that doesn’t even matter.”

“Well, folks, Mayor Bloomberg has banned large soda drinks in New York, Michelle Obama is telling kids what they can eat in schools. I guess next will be the ban on Halloween candy. No more buying Twinkies or Oreos at Walmart, or hot fudge sundaes at DQ. I want to thank you, Michelle, for keeping us a healthier but sadder nation.”

“If people wouldn’t spend money on Halloween, they could pay their cable, their telephone, their house payment or whatever they’re short. Too bad we give credit to Halloween.”

“I just found out that with Proposition B, a carton of cigarettes will go up $13. Vote no.”

“One goal gets you athlete of the week? Seriously? I think the Democrat needs to revamp their voting procedure, such as having area coaches decide on who best deserves athlete of the week.”

“When Republicans tell you they know how to create jobs for the middle class, notice what they are not telling us — what their plans are to create these jobs. The jobs, if any, are low-paying with no benefits, with the profits staying with the Republicans at the top of the business.”

“Obama doesn’t give us health insurance unless you’re on Medicaid and other freebies. We pay dearly for our insurance and glad we are able. Our motto is, health insurance before purchasing cars, boats and other luxuries.”

“Pumpkins are cheaper at Walmart than they are at local pumpkin patches.”

“I’d like to know why it is that people who work stay broke all the time and have nothing to show for it, while you have people who don’t work, draw disability, Social Security, welfare, have everything given to them.”

“It seems now that even the U.N. is jumping in to support Barack Obama and his presidency. ... Get the U.N. out of the U.S. and the U.S. out of the U.N.”

“I was watching ‘The View’ and when Ann Romney said that her husband, Mitt Romney, and her five little mitts didn’t have to go to the military because of religion, I remembered when they wanted to put Muhammad Ali in prison because he didn’t want to go to the service because of his religion.”

“Thank you, farmer’s market, for staying open as long as you can throughout the year. It’s very much appreciated.”

“We’re very thankful for the recycle bins at Thompson Hills. We drive 25 miles from Houstonia to recycle, so I really don’t think people in town should complain.”

“After watching the final presidential debate, I thought Mitt Romney looked like the confident commander-in-chief and Barack Obama looked like the nervous challenger who was trying to catch up.”

“The Republican Party is saying that Obama has done nothing in his four years in office. Let’s go back in time, if you will. In Congress, the Republican Party would not agree on anything that Obama was wanting to do. ... When it comes election day, use your mind and heart to vote what is best for this country.”

“I’m not for special taxes. You put some taxes on cigarettes, then you’ll go after guns and ammunition. Pretty soon you’ll go after more taxes on gasoline, then you’ll go after more taxes on hunting goods and automobiles. All for the school system — one big joke.”

“Over the past two weeks, Obama’s lead in the national polls has disappeared. Also over the past two weeks, gasoline prices have dropped dramatically. Surprise, surprise, see any connection here?”

“There is a strange truck parked outside and I don’t know what their trip is.”

“I can’t believe the board approved $1.5 million for repairs to the library. The director herself said this isn’t enough, the other parts of the building need repair. This is a money pit ... I fear this will hurt passage of the bond. Perhaps the people who want the bridge and the fire station should speak up.”

“There is a lady named Carla who works at the Sedalia Post Office. She’s always cheerful and polite and she always has a smile, so I wanted to say thank you to Carla for making my errands seem less like a chore.”

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