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Bill Turner - Contributing Columnist

Bill Turner

Contributing Columnist


As president of Open Door Services Inc., I have a pretty good understanding of the community commitment needed for us to give a helping hand to our neighbors who are going through hard times.

Consider that Open Door provides food to over 1,500 families every month and we fill over 2,000 requests each month which range from help with heat bills, trips to the doctor, rent assistance and countless other needs. Our clients are the elderly poor and the mentally handicapped, they are the forgotten veterans and the working poor, and they are those who have lost a job and those who have been struck with serious medical problems. We help young people whose parents have failed them, single parents with little income and grandparents who suddenly find themselves caring for grandchildren. When school is out in the summer we feed tens of thousands of meals to hungry kids.

The list is seemingly endless.

The number of volunteers and donated food and dollars needed to pull this off every day of the year is truly phenomenal. We strive to make every dollar count and are proud of the fact that over 90 percent of our resources go to servicing clients. Every donation, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated.

However, to successfully operate Open Door we must have our annual grant from United Way. This great community organization conducts the community wide fund raising which service groups, like Open Door, cannot possibly conduct on their own. We do not have the manpower or the resources to both conduct that level of fund raising and provide the level of service needed by our neighbors.

The consistent level of funding provided by United Way not only provides direct support to those in need, it allows the Open Door Board of Directors to look into the future and plan ahead. It allows us to operate in an efficient and effective manner. It gives our entire community the confidence that Open Door will be their when they need help and that donations will be used to achieve the most good possible.

Open Door and all of the fine organizations supported by United Way need funds to make it possible for us to care for those in our community who need our help. Please support the United Way with your donations and prayers. Thank you very much.

Bill Turner is president of Open Door Services Inc. in Sedalia.

Bill Turner is president of Open Door Services Inc. in Sedalia.

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