Funding spent frivolously

Dear Editor:

Read with interest the article on the TIF and the garbage pickup.

Why do we always pay an outside consultant? How much do we pay them? Could no that fee buy a lot of gas? Where is our city manager and all the folks we seem to have working for him? Could they not have counted garbage bags? A supervisor told me last year they were thinking about each house having one bug can that would be picked up without crews on the back handling them. In the nine years I have lived here, I have never had a survey sent to me about how I felt about TIF or anything from the city or my so-called council representative. Most of the people I have talked to about these issues say they go downtown once a year to pay taxes or get a haircut, eat out, the Bible store, jewelry store occasionally, but nothing else.

There is little parking downtown and the derelict buildings look the same as when I moved here. Look in the shopping centers that is where the people shop where they can buy things they need such as groceries and clothes. They have plenty of parking. I am appalled that we would even think of using our reserves to pay for this boondoggle.

We are buying a snow plow truck when we do not plow our resident’s streets? Please do not compare us to Marshall. They have a beautiful YMCA with names of those who donated to help pay for it on a wall. A family who has done great things for our high school and community wanted to pay a good portion of the cost to build a community center. All that was asked was to have their name on it. Instead we will have the most beautiful dog pound in the state, but no community center for families. Why are we always taking services away from our citizens like leaf pick up, etc. and now thinking about picking up garbage once a week. This will only lead to alleys filled with trash by overflowing cans knocked over by the wind or all of the loose dogs that are not picked up. If anyone feels as I do, make your feeling known.

Gary Dunn


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