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“Would somebody please take on Charter cable? Shouldn’t we have a choice? It’s really outrageous.” (March 31-April 1)

“I might be giving away a $1 million idea here, but this town really needs an actual cab company.” (April 2)

“We know who is shooting the rabbits and squirrels inside the city limits. You can run but you cannot hide. There is an ordinance against this, and we will prosecute.” (April 3)

“You know, I really appreciate your Sedline and I know that a lot of people read it. It opens people’s eyes to what is going on and it is a lot easier than writing a letter. I’d like to see more funny things.” (April 4)

“Centennial Park really needs to get the baby swings back so I can start taking my kids over to that park because I live in that area.” (April 5)

“I think every morning when the Sedalia trash truck parks on the side street next to Hardee’s ... I think they need to pull into the parking lot so they are not blocking traffic. It is such a pain in the heinie every morning to try to go around the trash truck. If they want to eat, they can pull into the parking lot and not block traffic.” (April 7)

“When I was talking about not having anyplace to sit down and rest at the State Fair Community College walking track, I meant the walk track that is outdoors.” (April 9)

“It’s really sad. The former upper middle class, now the higher poor class, cannot afford to pay $20 for a meal for the revitalization meeting of the old JCS. $20 is just too steep.” (April 10)

“(The council voted) to approve $190 million to hire an architect for a fire station we don’t even need in the first place, besides the new fire truck. C’mon, Sedalia, wake up.”

“The United States flag in front of the U.S. Bank on the west end of town sure is shredded. Nice if they’d replace it with a nice new one.”

“How does the Welcome Wagon club obtain new members? Or is that organization just made up of all the old Welcome Wagon people?”

“Hopefully when Otterville hires a new superintendent and principal, they won’t show favoritism.” (April 16)

“Sedline has become nothing but a tabloid.” (April 17)

“The Voter ID is the best thing they ever had in the world ... for voting. They go to a nursing home and have people vote, they can take a picture of them there and they can be identified on that picture there. ... Voter ID, time is long overdue. I would vote for it in a second.” (April 18)

“I just don’t understand where the city gets all this money to cut loose on.” (April 19)

“I guess Charter enjoys upsetting people with all their changes. Why didn’t they make this change when they made all their other changes?” (Apr. 20)

“I received a six-carnation corsage in 1948 for my black strapless formal gown for the Smith-Cotton dance. It was gorgeous. I wonder if the flowers cost 50 cents each.” (April 21)

“It sounds to me like Coach Mays needs to start coaching and stop throwing his players under the bus.” (Apri 23)

“Well, naturally, the Buffett Rule is not going to fly with the Republicans. That’s one of the reasons they are as rich as they are.” (April 24)

“Why didn’t the city’s public works director address the drainage problem at Third and Ohio when the streetscape project was going on? It seems like it would have been a lot cheaper to fix the problem when the street was already torn up.” (April 25)

“If the GOP thought that the fairness of taxing the richer people in the country was a drop in the bucket to help out on budgeting, why are they considering a smaller drop in the bucket of cutting the food stamp program for a man who is trying to put food on his table instead of diamonds and pearls around the necks of his wife and children?” (April 26)

“Cats like soft places to sleep, like clean clothes in a laundry basket. I was in a hurry yesterday unloading my car with groceries, including my fresh loaf of bread. Well this morning, I discovered my mashed bread.” (April 27)

“(Richard) Parkhurst hit the nail on the head (April 19) ... when he said, ‘Is everybody just blabbering about nothing and not being aware of what is going on around them?’ That is absolutely right, 24/7.” (April 30)

“After observing one of the Habitat houses ... with the windows knocked out, large holes kicked in the sheet rock, I would hope this doesn’t happen to more of these homes.” (May 1)

“You’re not going to believe this. Guess what the latest prank is — a ball of string all over my bushes in front of my house and the beginning was tied to a branch. Well, toilet paper is too expensive.” (May 2)

“You’re right about the bathrooms at the park being closed. Reason being, there are plenty of trees that a person can use. And no, the city should not be closed for a religious holiday. Reason being, a lot of people don’t have Jesus in their life anymore, nor do they go to church.” (May 3)

“With all the outrage of George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin, now we have a Texas nurse, Verna McClain, that shoots a white woman and steals her baby to claim as her own — where is all the outrage concerning that?” (May 4)

“Thanks to the gentleman in the white Moore’s Mowing pickup who helped my brother today when the wheel literally fell off his lawn tractor. This week has restored my faith in human beings. Thank you so much.” (May 5-6)

“Sincere congratulations to Pettis County Public Administrator Charli Ackerman. She has been named public administrator of the year in Missouri again.” (May 7)

“I think God is being nice to me, because he wants me to get it right no matter how long it takes me.” (May 8)

“Tonight I realized that a person really does pay for his or her sins.” (May 9)

“I wonder how many children in the kindergarten classes in the Sedalia 200 learning disability class have autism. So many working parents have no time for early childhood classes and they don’t even know about them.” (May 10)

“People who smoke marijuana constantly for years, their mind is affected. No study has been done on this like the birth control pills.” (MAY 11)

“While reading Saturday’s paper and coming across ad after ad for women’s facial and eye makeup, I’m sorry ladies, you just can’t fix being ugly.” (May 12-13)

“We really enjoy the Community Snapshot pictures sent into the Democrat by readers. The Amish buggy frozen in time is magnificent.” (May 14)

“God bless Larry King. What a wonderful article. It is good, caring people like him and the Salvation Army who help us survive. Bless you all.” (May 15)

“I was in Kentucky Fried Chicken and my grandson was choking and this lady was so kind and got up and saved my grandson’s life. I just wanted to thank her very much.” (May 16)

“Sedalia does not need a housing inspection committee. Let the new highly paid city employee handle this. ... Or let me do it for $7.25 an hour.” (May 17)

“There are a lot of people, when cutting their lawns, (who) throw their grass clippings into the street. I guess they don’t realize if they run their mower in the opposite direction, their problem would be eliminated and the neighborhood would look a lot nicer.” (May 18)

“I just wanted to let the county road department know they need to do better for on-the-job training. They cut the side of the road and left the ditch just full of weeds. It looks awful, they did a terrible job all the way around on East 32nd and Oak Brook. It’s very unsightly.” (May 21)

“Who would be proud to live in this town with the terrible city streets, loud, boom-boom music, speeding cars and loud exhausts on cars, trucks and motorcycles, plus the barking dogs? We need the streets repaved and more enforcement of the laws. It has gotten much worse in the 15 years we have lived here.” (May 22)

“This morning, three people showed what they can do if they stop their cars and work together. Two cars stopped on Thompson Boulevard, there was a little black kitten, looked like it was freezing to death, and they stopped and were able to get it from underneath the car and saved it. They took it home and it will have a good home. Shows what people can do if they slow down ... and think about something other than themselves for once.”     (May 23)

“Why doesn’t the city council just have a meeting once a year? All they do is talk, and then put things off another month, and another month, and so on.” (May 24)

“I wonder if it is my new medicine that is making me irritable and cranky.” (May 25)

“I just want to thank a Walmart shopper for the best laugh I had all day. She is one of these too-fat ladies who thinks everyone wants to see her breasts. She was using her gross breasts as a holder for her phone.” (MAY 26)

“I sure hope those cameras they’ve got in Clover Dell Park check some of the speeders who go flying in and out of there day and night. It’s a good idea they put them in there, though.” (May 28)

“Have you ever noticed some people have a major nack for lying, tall tales, fibs? ... What’s probably more sickening is the people who constantly believe the lies.” (May 29)

“I love the photo hunt. Is that still going to be in the paper now that the Democrat has been sold?” (May 30)

“If I was as disappointed as you are about the conditions in Sedalia, I’d leave in a heartbeat. I’d look until I found the perfect city.” (May 31)

“Thank you, Sue Heckart, for sharing the poem ‘Litany of Love.’ This one was saved by her mother, Stella. Please read it, it is so magnificent.” (June 1)

“Travis McMullen is the ugliest woman I have ever seen.” (June 2)

“I don’t drink, but I learned today that if a cork in a bottle of wine is not at the top, the wine is not any good.” (June 4)

“It’s way too early to spray for mosquitoes. The city should wait until June 15. Read the Farmer’s Almanac.” (June 5)

“I love interesting names. One of the skydivers mentioned in (the May 25) paper has the name Quisenberry. How did Pettis County’s Quisenberry Township get its name? Does anyone know? I’ll bet Commissioner (Larry) Wilson could find out.” (June 6)

“Being snotty is rude. Why don’t you try being more of a Christian? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And set an example, especially at your age.” (June 7)

“Good luck reading the maps provided in the Democrat for the voters as to what district we’re located in (for the ambulance district election). You can’t read the streets, how will we know where to vote? Please call the county (clerk’s) office at 826-5000 Ext. 918. Your vote is very important.” ( June 8)

“Where did those flies go?” (JUNE 9)

“I am calling about the difference between the east side and the west side of Sedalia. ... Why don’t we build a big concrete wall down the middle of Ohio and we’ll change the east of Sedalia to something else.” (June 11)

“Why do certain young adults have to have a big dog? Is it supposed to be some kind of false status symbol?” (June 12)

“Parents should take their children to church, because that is what children need.” (June 13)

“Let’s talk about how much profit the Sedalia Water Department made this year. I guarantee it will scare people.” (june 14)

“Voting is a freedom we have in this great USA. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to vote.” (June 15)

“I would like to give a shout-out to Crown Hill Cemetery for the excellent job they are doing ... especially around Memorial Day. Everything looked really nice.” (June 16)

“Thanks to Larry, Craig and Caleb at Menard’s for leading me to the exact area I needed. Each stayed to make sure I found the product I wanted. I left the store happier than when I came in. Thanks.”(June 18)

“Shenanigans cannot always be used on a person who is not a pushover. Word of advice: Never marry a person until you have known the person daily for six months. ... Tell Travis McMullen to become a marriage counselor.” (June 19)

“Do you think God forgives me for not going to church today and he understands, since I have so much to do, especially doing the new landscaping at my daughter’s home? He sees my fingernails are worn to the bone. As long as I say the Lord’s Prayer with the radio sermon, and my morning and nighttime prayers, and all those emergency prayers.” (June 20)

“A local columnist wrote that ‘because the president is not white,’ yada, yada — well, why isn’t Obama just as much white as he is black? I have never understood why a person who has one white parent and the other black is considered to be black. Obama was raised by a white mother and white grandparents. Training carries more characteristics than the color of the skin.” (June 21)

“There are a lot more things north of the bridge than the cemetery. Many, many wonderful folks live there. ... I have been at the Engineer crossing and waited impatiently for the train to leave.” (June 22)

“Yet another job going to companies located out of town. I am speaking in reference to the security cameras in the courthouse. Isn’t there a security business here in town that they could have used? Every time we turn around, they are giving money to someone out of state or out of the county. Why can’t we use local businesses to do our local work?” (June 24)

I think they should patrol Highway Y on 16th Street a little more efficiently. They speed by here so fast that you wouldn’t believe it, and there are little children, grandchildren out in this neighborhood.” (June 25)

“Whose brilliant idea was it to close the Missouri State Fairgrounds to anybody who doesn’t own a BMW motorcycle? That is supposed to be for people of the entire state, not just BMW motorcycle owners.” (June 26)

“Parents should go to church — that’s what they need.” (June 27)

“Oh, so now you can have chickens, ducks and geese in town. That’s nice to know.” (June 29)

“Want to give thanks to the Parks and Recreation department for having the adult swimming classes again this summer. Special thanks to the great crew working at Centennial. Corbin and his staff are so polite, professional and courteous. Seldom do you get an entire young staff that is both dedicated and personable. Great job, guys and girls.” (July 3)

“Just because its 11:30 at night, there are still a lot of people roaming around shopping at Walmart. Having one or two cash registers open just doesn’t cut it. You are losing business. I went out once or twice without buying something I had in mind to purchase and I will do it again until you get more cash registers open.” (July 4)

That’s good taxpayer money right there. Our governor gets backing legislation up there, and the first thing he does is regulate commercial fireworks. Mercy, sakes alive, that’d be my prime start. That’s bull. ... Let’s vote Nixon in there again.” (July 5)

“I just opened a new small bag of dry cat food. It has little, tiny black bugs in it. I don’t want my cat to eat bugs. What are they, and how did they get in the bag?” (JULY 7-8)

“I used to play Farkle many years ago with my ex-husband. Please, Kay Forsythe and Pat Simpson, call in to Sedline and give the rules on how to play. I would love to play it again, it’s a lot of fun.” (July 9)

“Well, Sedalia, say good-bye. Some are going to like it and some aren’t but the water tower at Pittsburgh-Corning is coming down. So, say good-bye to another landmark.” (July 10)

“Byron York is missing the mark again. When the Obamas talk about corporate business, they are referring to people like (Bernie) Madoff. Repubs always find ways to spin things to look different than what they are.” (July 11)

“Those 18-year-olds who don’t work and get arrested for marijuana, where do they get the money to purchase it? I believe the police should stake out or follow the pot users and stay away from the night club traps.” (July 12)

“It’s really nice of the Salvation Army to provide free lunches to the kids in the trailer parks so the parents can have enough money for beer and fireworks.” (July 13)

“I would like to personally thank the Salvation Army and the many churches that have been giving free lunches to children in 16 different locations around the county. We’re living in a time when parents’ money doesn’t go as far as it can because of high unemployment and the depression we are in.” (July 14-15)

“I was wondering if you have felonies against you, if you can draw food stamps and Medicaid. I was always told that was against the law. Please inform me.” (July 17)

“With all the drought and everything going on, I have found a very nice, good looking garden at 32nd and Woodbridge Drive. Kudos to those people.” (July 18)

“I think it would be great if a clothing manufacturer would make blouses and shirts sewn onto the underwear and panties with side snaps. This would prevent showing the bottom when outer trousers and jeans slip way down.” (July 19)

“Couldn’t President Obama have used the executive order for Major Nidal Hasan, the army psychiatrist (accused of shooting) the 13 people at Fort Hood and had him executed? He’s used executive privilege for everything else.” (July 23)

“I was wondering why historic Sedalia has their water in the middle of the street? After all these years, they are constantly tearing up our street. ... Why don’t they move it out of the street? How many years does it take?” (July 24)

“What is the problem with drug insurance companies paying for contraceptives, therefore preventing babies and mother from going on government aid? Also, is it true that government insurance pays for Viagra? What a joke.” (July 25)

“I would like to thank the people at East Bing’s for being so kind to me and the service they give me. It goes way above and beyond what most stores do.” (July 27)

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