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“You know that Christmas miracle that I was desperate for? Thanks to my awesomeriffic boss, I just got it. I love you, buddy.”

“What can you say about a man who can’t handle a situation with another properly? Don’t let hurt rule your feelings. You might think you have the right to hurt them back; that’s wrong. You only lose a friend you cherish. I’m so sorry for what I did, now there is no way of correcting it.”

“This is in regard to that awful shooting in Connecticut, and I’m saying no, no, no. When are people going to realize that government gun control is the worst move that the government can do. All it does is take guns from the responsible, protective, law-abiding owners while the outlaws, drug dealers and no-good gang members get to keep theirs.”

“When will this country finally wake up after the tragic shooting ... and get some kind of gun control or at least eliminate assault weapons that fire 100 rounds a minute? Hopefully soon, we cannot go on like this.”

“I believe that we should address mental health instead of gun control.”

“I have been listening to all this talk about gun control and the mentally ill, but I’ve heard nothing said about these stupid mothers who live with these stupid men who kill their little children. I think there should be something done about that.”

“Prior to World War II, the people of Britain had no firearms to protect themselves. The American people donated firearms so they could protect themselves from the Germans. After the war, those firearms were confiscated and destroyed. No one should ever send their children anywhere, especially school, and not have protection.”

“Having just read Stanley Cox’s comments about arming teachers in the schools, I’d just like to say that I think there is a correlation between having Stanley Cox as our state representative and some of the ridiculous legislation that has been passed in Jefferson City these past few years.”

“As a teacher, I can guarantee that 90 percent of us would quit if put in a position where we were instructed to shoot students. That is not the career I signed up for. And the 10 percent who didn’t quit? They probably shouldn’t be around your kids in the first place.”

“If you arm the staff at schools, the miscreants don’t even have to try to bring a gun in. All they have to do is get the teacher’s gun. That’s real smart.”

“Thank you to the Sedalia Police Department for being present at our schools and day cares Monday morning. It certainly put my mind a little more at ease after the recent shootings in Connecticut.”

“Well, it’s Sunday morning in Sedalia and it’s so foggy out that you can’t see 30 feet in front of you, but yet there are some people running around town without their headlights on. Don’t blame me if I hit you because my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.”

“Why (didn’t) the city put up the Christmas decorations like we usually do on the light poles, and the courthouse looks terrible — just one little ole pitiful Christmas tree standing there.”

“My wife and I recently built a house. We’d like to say a big thank you to Jeff Banner Construction. They did an excellent job, very reasonable on price. ... Anyone who needs construction work done should go to them.”

“Now that Barack Obama has nominated John Kerry for Secretary of State, I think he should nominate Jane Fonda for Secretary of Defense. John Kerry and Jane Fonda worked very well together during the Vietnam War.”

“In regard to the recent article about the water department ... it said the more water you use, the cheaper it gets. We’ve just been in a severe drought, I wouldn’t think they’d encourage people to use water.”

“Who do you have to know to get something published in Sedline?”

“Turkeys must have been old and tough this year, or the cooks do not know to cook them upside down at 225 degrees for five hours.”

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