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To the Maplewood Homeownersí Association. I know exactly how you feel with the piece-of-crap cars, tacky lawns, unregistered child molesters, but add this to the list. Police allowing you to continue day and night. Strange cars riding around the same corner four or five times waiting for drugs. I invite you to the corner of Cooper and Moniteau, crack corner. This area is an eyesore. You canít drive up and down Cooper Street because of the cars lining the street, people drinking and, of course, selling crack. Two vacant houses sit on the corner, perfect cover for hiding drugs or guns or whatever. And to top it off, itís nothing new. How many times have I called? Too many. I wish my tax dollars would help.

This is for the Maplewood Homeownersí Association. Surprise, surprise, surprise, drugs are everywhere. We have drug dealers, young boys, with a drive-through crack business on the north side. If this business was going on the south side, Iím sure it would most definitely be broken up by now. Itís too damn obvious. And one thingís for sure, when you donít clean up dirt, it always spreads.

†Iím looking for photographs of the long-gone Highway 50 Drive-In. Iím originally from Sedalia but now living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.† I have photos of the Wheel Inn (even opening day), and other photos around town, but donít have one of the Drive-In. I also would like to have a photo of the old A&W Root Beer place that was on East Broadway. Any older photos of around Sedalia from 1965 through 1973 would be appreciated. Of course I will pay to have copies made and all postage. Contact:† Buddy Litz, (228) 896-4632; 702 Augustine Drive, Gulfport, MS 39507. Thank you so much.

For all you who cheered the invasion of Iraq and the fall of Saddam Hussein, you must realize that shortly after ... the Saudis kindly asked us to leave their country. They no longer needed us for protection. They also said after we left the country there was a shortage of oil ... Look what itís cost us now.

I agree that authority figures need to be respected, but I think we have to remember that when we also fail to demand respect from our authority figures we invite tyranny. Law enforcement, even the prosecuting attorneys, are all paid by us. We† have a system of rules and laws for them to enforce, but we need to find the balance that allows them to do that without allowing them to unnecessarily allowing them to demean or hurt us or harass citizens based on their own subjective prejudices.

When I was a kid going to school right here at Smith-Cotton, I was always told whenever I had to write a research paper or an essay ... that I would need to have more than one source to back up my thesis. ... Itís very disturbing to me to hear grown adults discuss something they heard in a forward or things they saw on Fox News or things they heard from a friend of a friend of a friend about who could be the president of our United States. ... It seems to me that if youíre going to say, ďOh Barack Obama is Muslim; Barack Obama doesnít put his hand over his heartĒ ... you should check your sources. ... Go to Snopes.com. ... Watch CNN, watch MSNBC, watch any of the network shows ... Be informed. Donít blindly believe everything that you hear, especially if it has tinges of racism in it ...

Where does everybodyís brains go when they are driving? When it is raining or there is construction going on,. those are times when you should be the most caution. It seems like thatís the time when everybody gets befuddled most ...

To the person who said they are getting sick of going everywhere and seeing kids walking with their pants halfway down their butt ... I donít think itís anybodyís business what other people wear or how they wear it.† I personally donít like it when people wear sandals and have ugly, nasty, dirty toes but Iím not going to start saying anything to people about it because they choose to wear open-toed shoes. We live in† a nation, fortunately, where we have the right to choose a lot of things, including what size pants to wear. It may bother you but I think you better deal with it.

This for the genius who complained about the Parks Department and the flower beds. Rain equals mud. Get a clue.

I think summer school at Smith-Cotton is a joke. Most of these kids are there because they didnít† do anything during the school year and know all they have to do is attend for about three weeks and theyíll pass. Theyíre not supposed to have access to the pop machines during the school year except for lunch in the cafeteria, but during summer school students are given access to pop machines and snack machines. During the school year, students are not allowed to leave campus to eat, but are allowed to leave during summer school. They also leave pop cans and food wrappers in the classrooms during summer school and are not required to clean up after themselves. The restrooms get trashed and toilets are purposely overflowed, not to mention the new graffiti that shows up every day during summer school. I am a custodian at the high school but sometimes wonder if I shouldnít be a babysitter instead. Letís quit coddling these kids and start making them accountable for their actions. P.S. At least the gum scrapes off easier now that there is air conditioning.

Since weíve had so much rain, the Parks Department has not been able to plant flowers and keep the flower beds up looking like what they ordinarily do. My flowers donít look that good either. ... In past years we have always enjoyed the flowers that the Sedalia Parks Department has arranged in flower beds for us and I really do appreciate it.

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