Impressum Media Inc. releases new ‘Firearms Guide’

My book case groans under the weight of “several” editions of the “Shooter’s Bible,” Gun Trader’s Guide,” “Firearms Assembly”and other similar publications. All of them perform their intended purpose very well, and I make good use of them both professionally and personally.

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Little ducks equal big fun

The green-winged teal is North America’s smallest duck, and its cousins, the blue-winged and cinnamon teal, are only slightly larger. In addition, all three species are not only deceptively speedy, but they’re also devout believers in the attack pilot’s credo: “He who flies straight and level, dies.”Given all of that, it’s highly unlikely that teal would fare any better in one on one competition against the mallard in the battle for the hearts an...

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Dove season outlook a mixed bag

Way back in the day when doves were teaching me the fine art of wingshooting, “hunting” them consisted of plunking oneself down within shotgun range of virtually any stubble field or pond anytime between dawn and dusk. I must admit that, although the good old days have been gone for decades, I’m still struggling to adapt to the realities of 21st century dove hunting.

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