MACKS CREEK — A chance drip of latex house paint on a piece of vinyl led one artist to find a new medium — one that has become her passion.

Cara Ping Stock, of Macks Creek, began painting on clear vinyl in 2018. Now she’s showing those pieces in Sedalia’s bi-monthly NoBro Art Walk.

“I don’t know if there’s a genre for it, I’ve never really seen it,” she said of vinyl painting. “It was kind of an accident. I had an idea and had a project in mind that I wanted to make these windows as a two-layered painting.

“So, I bought this clear vinyl, so I could make a little window,” she continued. “I got paint on my little piece of vinyl, and I really liked it.”

That small drop of paint has led her on a journey of creating abstractions full of color. When Stock paints on clear vinyl, she paints it “in the reverse.” When it is framed the viewer actually sees the back of the painting instead of the front.

“The vinyl is clear and it’s really hard to describe, it’s like painting on a piece of glass,” Stock said. “I build up layers, you make a pass and that’s your only chance.”

Once she passes her paint-filled brush over the vinyl, it can’t be redone, making each piece a unique creation.

“You only get one chance at it,” she added. “The marks you want to see first, you have to lay those down first.”

Since she began painting on vinyl, Stock said she’s upgraded to cutting and sewing painted vinyl pieces together to change the look of her art even more. Creating vinyl art has become her obsession because she loves the “pure colors” and opaqueness the latex paint creates.

“Whatever paint I put on it, it doesn’t change on the canvas because its’s clear vinyl,” she said. “It shows exactly what the paint is, and it’s so bright, and I love that it’s shiny.

“Like I said, you get one pass, for me I want my one pass to count,” she continued. “So, I need a really thick, opaque paint and that worked best for me.”

Although showing work for Stock is new in the local area, while living in the Cayman Islands she placed work in shows and received the 2012 Ogier Art Award Honorable Mention for her acrylic painting, a tryptic, “Cayman Fish Skins.”

Stock, who is self-taught, said she became serious about her art while living on the islands, mainly due to the immense and diverse community of artists found there.

“I had a really great tribe there, I really did,” she said. “There were just great artists there, from everywhere. People from the States, people from the UK, people from South Africa.

“Some were highly educated and some were self-taught and they were so supportive,” she continued. “I really, really grew from that, I got self-confidence.”

For the NoBro Art Walk coming up Saturday, June 8 in downtown Sedalia, she plans to take her vinyl work a step further.

“I’m going to take some scraps of vinyl and I’m not going to hand sew it this time,” she said. “I’m going to sew it on the machine. I’m going to try and quilt them together, if it all works out.”

For more information, visit or on Instagram at Cara Ping Art.

Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Faith Bemiss is a reporter for the Sedalia Democrat, covering general assignment, arts, food and entertainment stories. She can be reached at 660-530-0289.

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