Three Smith-Cotton students will perform in the Missouri All-State Show Choir this summer in Jefferson City. Selected for the choir are juniors Cora Sadler and Derrick Gilger and sophomore Kaitlin Garrison.

The Missouri All-State Show Choir is comprised of the top 60 vocal music students in the state of Missouri. To qualify, students submit a recorded audition to a committee of show choir professionals for review and selection.

“It’s a huge honor to perform at the highest level that you can, especially for show choir,” said Anna Wooderson, S-C director of vocal music.

All-State Show Choir is an experience that provides an environment for students to grow and reach excellence in performance, no matter where the student was before they arrived, she added.  

In mid-July, the students will spend three days learning the music and choreography, then on the fourth day perform at the Missouri Choral Directors Association conference in Jefferson City.    

Smith-Cotton has sent 12 show choir students to All-State Show Choir since the summer of 2016. Sadler was selected for the All-State Show Choir last summer, and she said she is really excited about attending it again this summer.

“Attending all-state last year has really helped my confidence,” Sadler said.

This is Garrison’s first year being selected and she is excited about attending. She said she hopes the experience will improve her skills for S-C’s next show choir season.

“I’m hoping that I will be a better performer and improve my stage fright,” Garrison said.

This also is Gilger’s first year attending, and he said he is eager to bring skills back from the experience to S-C’s New Score Singers to improve the group.

“Attending is gonna make it possible for me to approach New Score in a different perspective,” he said.  

Gilger, Garrison, and Sadler are all grateful for Wooderson and are appreciative for the opportunity.

“I just really want to thank Mrs. Wooderson; without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today, Sadler added.

“I’m really proud of Derrick, Cora, and Kaitlin, they’re great performers and are super talented,” Wooderson added.

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