A new wedding and event venue is coming to Sedalia this year. 

Foundry 324 Wedding and Event Venue, 324 W. Second St., is “an industrial-style venue with gorgeous exposed brick walls, tall ceilings and ample windows that let the natural light flood in,” according to Jordyn Embree.

Embree’s mother, Virginia Siegel, is the owner of Foundry 324 and has been wanting to open a venue for “quite a while.” Siegel has “always been very creative,” according to Embree. 

“We talked about doing it on our property but that changed when we put it on the back burner for a couple of years,” Siegel explained. “Then I love old buildings and this one in particular. We drove by it several times and didn't think it was for sale. My husband actually went to school with the previous owner and so he called him one day and he said, ‘Well sure.’ So we went ahead and bought it and started renovating it. Last July is when we closed on it.”

Siegel said she originally thought about doing a barn venue but loves old buildings and liked the industrial style of the Second Street location. Siegel thought the location would offer “something a little different” to the area. 

Siegel said through research she was able to find some history on the building and said it used to be an old hatchery, may have been a tractor dealership and might have been some sort of machine shop. Siegel said they found an old incubator in a loft when they were renovating but she would like to find more information about the building and pictures of it. 

“It’s nice to try and help redo downtown Sedalia and I love old buildings, just to try and get them back to where they were,” Siegel explained. “They just don’t make buildings like they used to.”

Embree agreed. 

“We love historic buildings and the character that they hold,” Embree said. “Creating an inviting atmosphere where people can make memories for years to come has always been something we’ve hoped to bring to life.”

Siegel is originally from Sedalia and now lives in the Otterville area as does Embree. In addition to operating the venue, Siegel said the family are dairy farmers. Embree said they are “very family-oriented people with a love for anything vintage and creative.” 

“It will be a venue for any type of occasion,” Embree explained. “Small or big weddings, receptions, ceremonies, vendor fairs, fundraisers, just really anything where people need to utilize a space that’s got a pretty backdrop in order to host guests.” 

Embree said the family has done a lot of the smaller renovations on the building but the larger parts have been done by contractors. They put in a new floor, ceiling, HVAC, bar area, and replaced garage doors with glass garage doors. Two rooms and a bathroom were removed to open up the space as well as adding a kitchen, bridal suite, groom’s room and bathrooms. 

“There’s a caterer’s kitchen so it will have commercial refrigeration, commercial warming ovens, counter space, sinks, and an ice machine,” Embree explained. “(There’s) separate access for the caterers to come in and out so they’re not dragging their stuff through the entire building. 

“Obviously public restrooms, a handicap accessible bridal suite and groom’s room with separate restrooms and changing areas,” she continued. “They'll both have vanity areas to get ready and private HVAC in that area separate from the main area.”

Siegel said they started trying to get the venue going at the beginning of the year but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which “slowed everything down.” 

“It’s just harder for people to get in and out of working and ordering supplies, getting them here in a timely manner, things like that,” Embree explained. “It’s just kind of been a little bit more challenging.”

The two said most of the main renovations are done with some smaller and cosmetic finishes to complete. They are hoping to have the venue open within the next couple of months but they are booking for the fall 2020 and 2021 seasons. 

“We’re anxious to get up and going and have our first event,” Siegel said. 

Foundry 324 Wedding and Event Venue has a capacity of 547 and is available to rent seven days a week. For more information, visit www.foundry324.com or contact the venue at foundry324@gmail.com or 660-620-3486. 

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