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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OFPETTIS COUNTY, MISSOURIIn the Matter of:RAYDEN MARCUSSCOTT NASS, a Minor, YOB: 2018By Next Friend,DENISE R. REYNOLDS,Petitioner.Case No. 23PT-DR00192INTERLOCUTORYJUDGMENTNOW ON THIS 9th day of May, 2023, the above matter comes on for hearing. Petitioner appears by and through his Next Friend, Denise R. Reynolds, together with her attorney, Tina M. Luper. Petition for Change of Name is taken up and evidence is presented. The Court enters an interlocutory order changing the Petitioner's name from Rayden Marcus Scott Nass to Rayden Scott Reynolds, subject to publication in a newspaper of general circulation for three consecutive weeks. Date: 5/9/23 /s/Robert L. Koffman Honorable Robert L. Koffman Circuit Judge, Pettis County, Missouri

Posted 5/26/2023