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No, I believe that this is a violation of my personal freedom. I do not believe that mask are the answer and that long term wearing of mask will prove to be detrimental to our health. I believe the testing results to be faulty and I know that people have died of the flu not just this year. but every year since 1975. All of the "guideline measures" have only slowed the spread of the virus and caused 2020 flu season to last months instead of weeks. And I believe all of these "guideline measures" have increased the rate of suicide across the nation, so lives are NOT being saved. This sounds more like Germany than America, the land of the free. And by the way I also believed that seat belt were a good idea but that they should have been a personal choice.


Yes friends of mine from KC don't stop at the businesses in town on their way to the lake because of all the locals not wearing masks.


Yes, we need to decrease the spread so we can keep businesses open.[thumbup]


Yes. My thoughts are articulated in my column today.


[thumbdown]. Brainwashing has been achieved..... May the Lord be with you to help you see through the lies that they are filling you with.


What lies exactly?

I’m confused what you think has been made up?

You don’t believe that there are four people gone in Pettis County from Covid? Do you think it’s a lie that 158,000+ US citizens have not lost their life from Covid? Just curious if the bodies by the hundreds placed in meat coolers out side of my hospital was just a lie? Lost co-workers, friends, and friends family members lost. The virus picks who dies, and who doesn’t. And those that live suffer from lung and heart failure weeks later.

You think it’s just one or two will get it. Covid is already spreading in your area. In New York City it started with one lawyer, within weeks thousands had died. So tell me where is the lie in the loss of life across this nation?

You wear a seatbelt to save a life.

What is so hard about wearing a mask?

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