From Pilgrims and Native Americans to turkey and pumpkin pie, students throughout the Sedalia School District 200 had many reasons to celebrate the blessings of Thanksgiving on Tuesday before they left for a three-day break.

Several students planned to travel over the river and through the woods to get to their Thanksgiving celebrations. Former students from Heber Hunt Elementary now living in Overland Park, Kansas, made an early trip to Sedalia to help serve the more than 500 students and invited guests at the school’s 12th annual Thanksgiving Feast. 

Students in Michelle Wolfe’s first-grade class took the time to tell the Democrat what they are most thankful for and why.

Hadlee D.: My mom because she is nice to me.

Annalyse P.:  I am thankful for my family because they take care of me and they feed me.

Evan H.: Food because it is yummy.

Gideon S.: My school because the teachers are nice.

Lizeth C.: My family because I love them.

Connor H.:  Lunch ladies because they make yummy lunch.

Allison O.:  My family because they take care of me.

Jaydon S.: My family because they help me.

Lydia C.: Clothes because they are comfortable.

Derrick S.:  My family because I love them.

Caleb C.:  Food because I like pizza.

Luis S.:  Lunch because it is tasty.

Nichole C.:  My family, my cat, and my dog because I love them.

Kenzo H.: God because he made the planet.

Mason S.: The people that have served in the military because they serve our country.

Mackenly V.: My family because they buy me stuff.

Bristin M.:  My family because my mom and stepdad took me to Disney World for a week.

Danielle C.: I am thankful for my family because they are funny and nice.

Gavin M.: My mom and dad because they take care of me.

Dallas B.: My family because I love them.

Skyline Elementary students celebrated with a Friendsgiving celebration in Tonya Edgar’s mixed-age class. Down the hallway, kindergarten students in Tammy Thomas’ class sang "Pilgrims are Coming to Celebrate" and "Hello Mr. Turkey How are You?" before they shared snacks as part of their holiday celebration with family and friends Tuesday afternoon.

Second-grade students at Parkview Elementary studied a unit on Native Americans. According to teacher Megan Underwood, their objective was to compare and contrast the habitats, resources, art and daily lives of Native American people in regions of the United States and Missouri.

Underwood introduced the unit by doing a hyperdoc, which incorporated technology using iPads.

“Students explored by watching videos and going on virtual field trips to discover and build their schema about what they were going to be studying,” Underwood explained. “They then had to explain what they learned by using an amazing app called Seesaw.”

Using the app the students manipulated tools to compare and contrast the different resources the Eastern Woodland and Plains Indians used to survive.

“We also studied the Thunderbird which is a symbol to the Native Americans,” Underwood said. “We discussed the importance of the Thunderbird then made a Thunderbird craft as well.”

As the unit went on, students discussed how pilgrims came to America. Underwood noted that the students were “able to come together to celebrate and give thanks.”

Underwood was thankful for the generous donations of both the parents and employees of Woods Supermarket who donated items for the feast. Woods donated brown paper bags for the students to decorate and wear. The students had the option to make a pilgrim bonnet or cap or make a headdress like a Native American. 

“I learned they ate raw fish on the trip to America,” Ryder McCracken said of what he learned during the unit.

“I never knew they lived in teepees,” Elizabeth Kushnir said.

Students in Shawna Davidson’s class also wrote down what they are most thankful for this year on paper tablecloths during their classroom feast. Vinsent Morris wrote down mom, God, dad and shelter, Johnny Anderson wrote down Earth, food, family, shelter, veterans, American flag, Jesus and God, and Roman Usyk wrote down veterans, the state, food, family, God, Jesus and friends.

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