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From left, State Fair Community College President Dr. Joanna Anderson, Board of Trustees members Ron Wineinger, Jerry Greer, Randy Eaton, Patty Wood, Nick La Strada and Jim Page prepare to shovel dirt to bury a time capsule on the grounds of the Sedalia campus commemorating SFCC’s 50th anniversary Tuesday afternoon.

The State Fair Community College Board of Trustees paid tribute to the first 50 years of the college as they look to the future during their meeting Tuesday morning.     

Following the board meeting, trustees, President Dr. Joanna Anderson and a gathering of administration, faculty, family and well-wishers watched as a time capsule commemorating SFCC’s 50th anniversary was buried near the Hopkins Student Service Center.  

During the last year, the college has hosted a number of events to honor its first 50 years. The time capsule contained 95 items to represent milestones of SFCC’s past. It will be opened during the college’s 75th or 100th anniversary.  

Trustees took the first steps toward a new facility by hiring the firm of Sapp Design Associates as the contractors to perform architectural design services for a proposed $4.3 million Technical and Workforce Training Facility. The college announced in March it has been given a “sizable” private donation for the building. They are also awaiting notification of a possible Workforce Training Grant (Community Development Block Grant) of up to $1 million the college applied for in March. 

Trustees approved a contract not-to-exceed $300,000 for services for the proposed facility which include architectural, structural and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) engineering plus reimbursable expenses. Payment is contingent upon approval of the CDBG.    

During their work session, trustees discussed the 2020 budget. Members, with the exception of Jim Page, voted to approve a $52 million budget as presented by Vice President for Finance and Administration Gary Sorrell.  

Sorrell said the 2020 budget is comparable to recent years.

“Although state appropriations remained flat, we anticipate some additional workforce development funds which will allow us to expand our nursing program in Clinton,” Sorrell commented. “We developed a conservative budget based on a 2% enrollment decline.”

Enrollment is down 2.5% from last year. 

Anderson said the budget is constructed to meet the college’s priorities that support the vision and mission of the college. The budget process included input from the College Council, Executive Leadership Team and Board of Trustees. Annual program reviews, enrollment projections and state appropriations are all components of the budget.

Anderson said employee compensation and benefits was determined as the top priority during the budget development process. The budget has an average 1.9% salary increase for full-time employees and a $10 per-credit-hour increase for adjunct faculty. It also includes 100% paid health, dental, and life insurance plans for all full-time employees.

“SFCC employees are the reason our programs and services are exemplary which is evidenced by SFCC meeting all six of the state performance measures this past year,” Anderson told the Democrat prior to the meeting. “I am proud we can reward our dedicated employees with an increase in the compensation package.”

The budget allocates $170,000 for implementation Phase II of the college’s safety and security notification system at all sites. Speakers will be located in all classrooms and student spaces alerting those present of any security alerts. Currently these speakers are located in public common spaces. Phase II does not provide for additional resource officers on campus. Page cited a lack of “setting aside enough money to hire additional security” as the reason for his no vote. 

The budget also provides for a $100,000 contingency which can potentially be used for maintenance and repair work, according to Anderson.

Trustees also took action to protect the college’s presence in the Lake region.

Board members approved sending a formal letter of opposition to the Ozark Technical College Board of Trustees condemning its efforts to expand the OTC taxing district into Camden County. SFCC has served the area for 35 years and is part of SFCC’s officially recognized service region.

Additionally, trustees unanimously approved sending a formal letter to the Missouri Community College Association leadership asking them to “Take a proactive role in solving the service region issue,” according to Anderson. 

“The Board expressed concern that current and future actions by institutions encroaching into already established service regions is a threat to the MCAA organization, which depends on institutions acting within established norms and guidelines,” she said.

In other actions the board voted to:

• Accept the commercial insurance premium proposal from Insurance & Benefits Group for a total renewal premium of $355,229.00 for Fiscal Year 2020. The renewal reflects a 7.32% increase over the prior year.

• Accept the renewal of Evisions Inc., a Nevada corporation, for Document Enhancement and Payment Processing Software. The addendum to the software agreements is for a three-year period for total pricing of $70,455.00. The funding source is the annual ITS operating budget.

• Enter into an agreement with Examity Inc. of Newton, Massachusetts, to provide services related to online test monitoring for a five-year period with pricing increases of $.25 for each of the second through fifth years. Funding will be through student fees for the classes using the program.

• Accept the agreement with Missouri Network Alliance LLC dba Bluebird Network LLC of Columbia to provide network and internet service to SFCC’s five campuses for a five-year term at a monthly cost of $4,488. The funding source is from the annual operating budget.

• Accept the sole source bid from D3 Technologies of Springfield for a Mark Two-Onyx Package 3D Printer for $17,845. Funding is 25% CTC Local and 75% Enhancement Grant Funding. 

• Accept the vendor Professional Pride Inc. of Sumner, Washington, as a sole source provider for a 911 Reality PLUS Simulator-Call Taking and Radio Dispatch Computer Training Station for $20,200. Funding is 25% CTC Local and 75% Enhancement Grant Funding.

• Accept IES Innovative Education Systems of Oak Grove as a sole source provider for three CNC Bench Mill 6100, Jog Pendant Handwheel Control and Manual Precision Vise for $35,100. Funding is 25% CTC Local and 75% Enhancement Grant Funding. 

• Accept the sole source bid from ATech Training Inc., of Walton, Kentucky, for an Automotive Technology Trainer/Courseware (GM) for $24,495. Trustees also accepted a sole source bid from ATech for a GM OBD II Fuel System Trainer/Courseware for $13,145. Funding for both bids is 25% CTC Local and 75% Enhancement Grant Funding.  ­­­­  

• Approve moving the the regular July board meeting to 11 a.m. Tuesday, July 30.

Education Reporter

Hope Lecchi is the education reporter for the Democrat, covering all things education in Sedalia and Pettis County, as well as providing general assignment and feature coverage. She can be reached at 660-530-0144.

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