Officials from the Pettis County Health Center reported an increase of 16 cases Monday from the numbers reported Friday, Aug. 21, plus an additional death. 

The weekly increase in positive cases is 12.44%. The positivity rate for Aug. 1-7 was 8.61% and for Aug. 8-14 was 9.25%. The goal is to be at 5% or lower.

The additional death reported in Pettis County last week from complications associated with the COVID-19 virus brings the total to six.  

Since testing began in March, 8,184 tests have been administered to Pettis County residents. The county administered 497 tests during the week of Aug. 17-21. According to the health center as part of the Pettis County COVID-19 Task Force briefing on Monday, there was an increase of 80 cases during the last week. There are a total of 705 confirmed cases in Pettis County to date. As of Monday, there are 124 reported active cases.   

Individuals who develop symptoms are asked to be tested. According to the report, there has been at least one case associated with the Missouri State Fair identified in a resident of another county.

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, there was an increase of 869 cases statewide Monday. The state total is now 75,944. There have been 1,426 deaths from the COVID-19 virus in Missouri.

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This is from the CDC website:


About Masks

Updated Aug. 6, 2020

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A mask may not protect the wearer, but it may keep the wearer from spreading the virus to others.

CDC says wearing a mask does nothing to keep you from getting the disease, but it may keep sick people from spreading it. So much for the protection from wearing masks. All the healthy people in Pettis County can wear masks and it won't help at all. In fact, the CDC has asked states to stop collecting tracing data regarding the wearing of masks. Has the LTC gotten that letter? Will she make it public?


This has been known for quite a while. The mask is to stop infected people from spreading germs. True, if all healthy people wore masks it would not help. But if all infected people did wear one it might help. The real interesting finding is that bandanna style masks can actually make it worse by breaking down what you exhale into smaller particles that are transmitted easier, it would be better to not wear one at all! What I am against is the power the Health Dept. has over us, where 2 people - elected or not - on a county board can actually create new laws that force us to change our life style, even to the point of threatening us with arrest and fines. I have seen a sheriffs deputy approach a car and he didn't have on a mask! Who is going to fine him? I wish a Sedalia Democrat reporter would interview the Pettis County commissioners - who don't wear masks either - and get their views on how this has been handled and the power the local health board wields over citizens. After reading the statutes, it is my opinion the Health Dept. has unlimited power over us, as long as they can claim they are taking actions to protect public health, even to the point of taking away our constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms. What is next, sterilization, euthanization? Go ahead, laugh, you would have thought it impossible a year ago for the Health Dept. to decide what businesses to close and when to re-open, who is or isn't "essential", or if we have to wear masks against our will.

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