The City of Sedalia will continue chip and seal on Sedalia streets next week.

Motorists are encouraged to find alternate routes on the day work is scheduled for a specific street or plan additional time to arrive at their destination as periodic lane closures will occur as equipment and men are working on the streets.

The following list provides the streets where chip and seal is planned for the week:

Sept. 10

Plaza Avenue between Wing Avenue to South Limit Avenue.

Anderson Avenue between Clarendon Road to Southwest Boulevard.

Southwest Boulevard between West 32nd Street to Clarendon Road.

Brandon Avenue between Plaza Avenue to the dead end.

Brandon Terrace between Brandon Avenue to the dead end.

Sept. 11

West Fifth Street between South Park Avenue to South Limit Avenue.

West Jefferson Street between North Ohio Avenue to North Moniteau Avenue.

Chip and seal is a process that places a coating of road oil on the existing city street followed by

a layer of fine crushed rock or “chips.” A roller is then run over the chips to embed some of

them into the asphalt and hold the road oil in place. The layer of crushed chips including some

loose chips remain on the street to prevent “bleeding” through of the oil to other surfaces, such

as vehicles. The remaining loose chips are later swept up, within seven to 10 days dependent on weather conditions and equipment availability.

The work is weather and equipment dependent, so changes may occur. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 660-827-3000 ext. 1166.

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