There are now 113 active cases of COVID-19 in Pettis County, according to the Pettis County Health Center on Monday. 

A total of 5,764 tests have been administered county-wide since testing began this spring. There have been 326 total confirmed cases with 210 individuals having been released from observation. The county reported an increase of 41.13% in cases from last week. There have been three deaths attributed to the virus. Ten individuals remain hospitalized from Pettis County. A total of 231 individuals remain under observation. 

According to health center officials in Monday’s Pettis County COVID-19 Task Force briefing, “There is no part of the county that has not seen cases and there is no part of the population that is not seeing cases.” The briefing states the ages of individuals infected range from less than 6 months old to people in their 90s.

Officials stressed the need for transparency when contacted by the health center. 

“What is very disturbing is when people are called to tell them they are a positive case they report they have not been staying home, engaging in high risk behavior and refusing to tell us who their contacts are,” the briefing states. “A recent study of Missouri residents indicated there are approximately 23 positive cases for each test that is laboratory confirmed. 

“That would mean your chances of coming into contact with a positive person is much higher than just 100 people but rather approximately 2,300 people,” the briefing continued. “As almost everyone in the county comes to Sedalia for shopping, work or other activities, the possibilities of being in contact with a positive case is much higher.”   

Missouri is now moving into being a “red” state, meaning the rate of positive cases has moved above the 10% positive case rate that is the target set by the World Health Organization for having the virus under control. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported Monday a total of 43,050 cases. There are 1,201 deaths attributed to the virus in Missouri. Health center officials remind individuals who are traveling, they may now be required to remain in quarantine for 14 days when they arrive at their destination. 

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