The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose by 21 individuals Thursday in Pettis County, according to the Pettis County Health Center. 

The total number of confirmed cases county-wide is now listed at 461 as compared to Wednesday’s total of 440 cases. Active cases county-wide increased to 114 Thursday from the 100 reported one day prior. Eight county residents remain hospitalized. There have been 343 individuals released to normal activity in Pettis County. 

According to reports from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, there are 56,383 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus statewide. The number of cases in Missouri increased by 1,062 individuals from Wednesday. Seven state residents died from the disease from the same counting period for a total of 1,280 since the pandemic began in March.

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This is from a news article today. Food for Thought.

Now that dentists have reopened their doors, they’re having patients show up with a nasty set of symptoms, which the doctors have dubbed “mask mouth.”

The new oral hygiene issue — caused by, you guessed it, wearing a mask all the time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus — is leading to all kinds of dental disasters like decaying teeth, receding gum lines and seriously sour breath.

“We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before,” says Dr. Rob Ramondi, a dentist and co-founder of One Manhattan Dental. “About 50% of our patients are being impacted by this, [so] we decided to name it ‘mask mouth’ — after ‘meth mouth.’ ” The term “meth mouth” is widely used by dentists to describe the dental problems that arise among methamphetamine users. Addicts often end up with cracked, black- and brown-stained teeth because the stimulant causes sugar cravings, teeth grinding and jaw clenching. They also often neglect their oral hygiene.


I was wearing my surgical mask while standing in line at the deli in Woods today while a woman wearing a bandana was standing within two feet behind me. When I pointed out the bandana she was wearing was minimally effective she said her doctor approved it. If that's true, her doctor is misinformed. Cloth facial coverings are 2 to 20% effective according to clinical studies. I'm sure she and many other people are not properly distancing because of false reliance on masks. Maybe the health department will make us all wear 14 foot diameter hula hoops next.

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