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Sacred Heart School hosted a celebration for Hunter Deresinski's intent to join Central Methodist University’s eSports team. Deresinski is seated center with his grandparents, Beverly and James Deresinski. Row two from left, Deresinski’s parents Shelly and Daniel Deresinski, and Central Methodist University eSports assistant coach Aaron Shockley. 

Sacred Heart senior Hunter Deresinski signed with Central Methodist University on an eSports Scholarship and received a $14,000 renewable yearly scholarship. Deresinski excels at Rocket League and Fortnite and is ranked 230th in the world in Rocket League. 

"I started playing for fun my freshman year in high school and began to notice I had a pretty good aptitude," Deresinski said. "I ran across a game called Rocket League and it really caught my attention. After that, I really started to put in the time and effort to play on a competitive level."

This year, Deresinski was a semi-finalist in the Fortnite World Cup. The grand prize for the winner was more than $3 million.

Deresinski plans to major in Computer Science and to pursue a career in website development/design. He will be joining 2019 Sacred Heart graduate Andy Bautista as members of the CMU eSports Team.  

"Seeing Andy sign his eSports scholarship to go to CMU last year was also a big motivator for me," Deresinski said. "The campus really caught my eye and I felt like they could offer me what I wanted to study. CMU had a Rocket League competition last year that had a $20,000 scholarship as the first prize. I ended up getting third in that competition."

In addition to being one of the founding members of the Sacred Heart eSports Team, Deresinski plays varsity soccer, helps with production of the school play, and is a member of the Math and Speech teams. He has a 3.9 GPA.

Deresinski said a lot of effort went into getting this scholarship and he's looking forward to the challenge of competing on the collegiate level.

"Being at Sacred Heart made me realize you have to do more than like to play video games," he said. "You have to have a passion for it but still be able to keep it in perspective. It is important to keep your grades up and participate in other things at your school to remain a well-rounded person.”

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