One of the best spots on the fairgrounds is the playground between the Home Ec and the Missouri Electric Cooperative buildings. With the mature trees and height of the Home Ec building, it’s a perfect shady space in the afternoons and has a nice collection of seating available. There’s even a phone charging station. The kids can get some energy out and the adults can conserve theirs. 

• Tyler Childers brought out a really diverse group of people. Hipsters, metalheads, country fans, children, etc. It was nice to see the Grandstand so full for an alternative music act. Plus he put on a great show. I’d rank him easily in my top five shows I’ve ever seen at the fair. — Columnist Jennifer Langdon

• While covering the First Lady’s Pie Contest Thursday in the Home Economics Building, instead of learning about pies I learned about cattle. As 30 pies like a Frizzy Root Beer Float pie and a Blush Peach Pie were being judged, two farmers and their wives were discussing the temperament of cattle. From their conversation, I learned a Jersey is mean but a Guernsey has a better temperament; I made a mental note of that in case I go into the cattle business sometime in the future. — Reporter Faith Bemiss 

• Day 8, I still have not gotten to pet Bud the Dalmatian with the Clydesdales. I did meet Truman the Tiger, which is great but does not count because he is, in fact, not an actual tiger. Maybe this weekend Bud and I will become best friends. — Columnist Jennifer Langdon

• You can always spot who attended the Governor’s Ham Breakfast the second Thursday of the fair based on their clothes. Usually fairgoers opt for comfort over style, typically wearing shorts and T-shirts or tank tops and tennis shoes. Breakfast attendees tend to wear nicer clothes like dresses, polos and nice jeans or pants, plus they’re usually sporting at least one “I support XYZ candidate” sticker on their shirt. — Editor Nicole Cooke

• I was very impressed by the State Fair Queen’s ability to navigate stairs with crutches! You go girl. (And get well soon!) — Columnist Jennifer Langdon

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