• I love fair food but I must admit I am a traditionalist; not every food is best served on a stick. I tried a funnel cake on a stick Wednesday and there was something a little different about it. While I appreciate the convenience while carrying it on my way to a bench to stop and have a bite, it just wasn’t a funnel cake. — Reporter Hope Lecchi

• Speaking of food that should be served on a stick, the corndog has to be one of the most classic fair foods of all time. Wednesday morning I saw a man driving a motorized scooter with two corn dogs in his right hand covered in mustard and two corn dogs in his left hand covered in ketchup. I don’t think he was making any type of political statement. I just think he was really hungry. — Reporter Hope Lecchi 

• The fair has been invaded by hipsters on this fine Wednesday. Perhaps the breeze is good for beards. — Columnist Jennifer Langdon

• Ask and you shall receive. In Wednesday’s edition, I mentioned I finally saw someone walking around with Sweep Smart products, answering my years-long question of does anyone actually buy some of the stuff offered at the fair. Wednesday night, I got an even better answer. Reader Terry Hutson emailed me to let me know she read my Fair Watch entry and had this to say: “I saw your article ‘Fair Watch.’ Over the years we have purchased these items at the fair (and many unmentioned I am sure): fireplace place insert when state tax was waived at the fair, waterless cookware, Sleep Number bed, aluminum welding rods, shoe insoles, bed pillow, water hose nozzle, reusable cooling cloth for your neck, ceramic skillet, crystal nail files, steam mop, personalized Christmas ornament, gripper sticks, scissors, nail clippers, copper bracelets, and antibiotic wound spray for livestock. Just thought you should know how much good stuff is available if you pay attention!” — Editor Nicole Cooke

• Another day has gone by and I have not pet the Budweiser dog, Bud. He looked like a real good boy in the parade though. — Columnist Jennifer Langdon

• Every year my editor, Nicole Cooke, and I talk about fashion trends at the Fair. I think we all can agree there is always something interesting to see, to say the least. I wish Nicole was with me Tuesday evening when I saw a teenager walking through the fairgrounds in a cowboy hat covered in sequins. Nothing says farming like a bedazzled cowboy hat. — Reporter Hope Lecchi 

• The Beef House needs to introduce a steak knife rental program. I have been sawing on my steak for 20 minutes. — Columnist Jennifer Langdon

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