There are a lot of great images in the photography exhibit in the 4-H Building, but this shot by Tori Schedler of Dade County really caught my eye. The attention to detail made it stand out. 

• On Monday, a reluctant Mottled Orpington rooster refused to crow each time I raised the camera to snap its photo in the Missouri State Fair Poultry Barn, although each time I walked away from the rooster, owned by Stacey Whitaker, of Madison, he gave a hearty cock-a-doodle-do. Even though the bird was camera-shy it was a winner — it placed second in the Missouri State Poultry Show Any Other Large Fowl category. — Reporter Faith Bemiss

• What do I have to do to be able to pet the Dalmatian that is with the Clydesdales? Bud looks like a good boy and I need to pet him. — Columnist Jennifer Langdon

• I am glad the rabbits have made it to the fair — every time I walked past the poultry building I thought kids were screaming in terror for half a second. Nope. Just birds. — Columnist Jennifer Langdon

• I saw a lot of young people wearing orange FFA T-shirts, which indicated they participated in Food Insecurity Day. Thank you to the hundreds of students who spent some of their time at the fair helping pack thousands of meals for Missourians in need. — Editor Nicole Cooke

• I am continually impressed by vendors’ abilities to sleep anywhere at any time. — Columnist Jennifer Langdon

• I wandered into the Swine Barn on Tuesday afternoon as a competition was in progress. I always find it interesting to hear the judge provide their reasoning for placements. In most cases, I barely understand the criteria but it’s still educational. One thing I still struggle with is the smell. The odors in the Swine Barn just seem more pungent than those in other livestock venues. As one competition ended and new exhibitors started to file into the ring, a family got up to leave and one of the older kids said, “I don’t know how much more of this smell of could take.” I was glad I was not alone. — Columnist Bob Satnan

• A great prank would be to paint a funny message on the top of the Mathewson Exhibition Center. No one would notice it until people rode the Ferris Wheel. Maybe the fair can get a roof sponsor. — Columnist Jennifer Langdon

• Every year I am reminded it is never too early for any type of fair food. On numerous occasions, I’ve seen people eating corndogs before noon. This year, I’ve seen a large number of people grabbing some alcoholic drinks early in the day, either prior to lunch or with their noon fair meal (wine slushes were popular in the Bistro on Tuesday). — Editor Nicole Cooke

• It is one of my irritations in life — that people do not have the courtesy to yield to an emergency vehicle — I feel the same way about people who don’t have the respect to pull to the shoulder or side of the road as a funeral procession is passing. The reason I say this is both on Saturday and Monday at the Fair emergency drivers were trying to reach a person in need of medical treatment. Many people, both pedestrians and those driving carts didn’t even move from the center of the road to let the vehicles pass. Maybe they didn’t hear the sirens or recognizing the lights with all the other sounds and bright lights. I hope that was the reason but I know that can’t be what prevents them from doing so outside the acreage of the fairgrounds.  — reporter Hope Lecchi   

• I am now completely fascinated with herding dogs. I wandered into the Mathewson Exhibition Center to see what was going on Tuesday afternoon and to take a short break from walking the fairgrounds. I stumbled upon the Show Me Stock Dog trials and I couldn’t stop watching. Yes, I know it’s just a dog herding cattle or sheep, but I was so impressed with how hard the dogs work and how well the owners have trained the dogs, down to different whistles to signal clockwise or counterclockwise. Puts the one trick I taught our family dog to shame. — Editor Nicole Cooke

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