• After several days and several miles of walking around the Missouri State Fair thinking either my feet had grown or my tennis shoes had shrunk, I had an epiphany. I discovered if I didn't tie the laces so tight my feet had more wiggle room. Sometimes it’s just the small things in life that make all the difference even at the fair. — Reporter Faith Bemiss

• As a retired school teacher I often wondered how much children remembered and then repeated of what their parents said in passing. It must be a lot because Monday when I was walking to a press conference in the Missouri Farm Bureau Building I heard a family talking about the heat. A little boy who could have only been 6 or 7 years old told someone he was walking with, “I remember how hot it was the first year I went to the Fair,” It made me smile. — Reporter Hope Lecchi

• There are several colleges at the fair. Most noticeable is Mizzou with its own building shared with Missouri Lottery, but other state schools are present including Missouri State University and the University of Central Missouri. As a UCM alumna, I made sure to walk by the school’s table in the Agriculture Building. Along with staff members, I was pleasantly surprised to see UCM President Roger Best also sitting at the table greeting fairgoers. It was nice to see him being the people’s president and being part of the tabling process. — Editor Nicole Cooke

• In so many ways the nearly 400 acres of the fairgrounds is like one big shopping experience.  Need to buy a house? They have them for sale. You can furnish it there too with a variety of mattresses, recliners, hot tubs — you name it and you can probably find it. If you need a car or a truck they’ve got them too. Not to mention all kinds of insurance coverage for your life, health home or auto. Who needs to go to a store when you can find everything you need and some things you probably didn’t know you needed until they enticed you into buying it with their presentations. It’s one-stop shopping and you don’t have to worry about having to choose between a cashier or self-checkout lines. At the fair, they ring up every purchase and offer to bag anything you buy. Some places even give away free reusable bags… — Reporter Hope Lecchi

• Every fair I am reminded of children’s ability to sleep anywhere and through anything. As the day wears on you’ll usually see several kids asleep in strollers or their parent's arms, completely oblivious to all the noise going on around them. While at the 4-H and FFA Dog Show I saw a good example of this when I noticed a little boy near where I was standing sleeping on a blanket on the Matthewson Exhibition Center floor while their older sibling competed in the event. At least three dogs and multiple other children ran around the little boy playing. The dogs even jumped on the boy a few times. The kid didn’t stir once. — Reporter Emily Walton. 

• I have the same observation, like Hope’s listed above, every year — does anyone really buy some of the stuff featured in the various shopping buildings? I got my answer this year when I saw numerous people walking around with Sweep Smart products in hand this weekend. Well, I sort of got my answer; I still don’t know if anyone has ever purchased a mattress or hot tub at the fair. — Editor Nicole Cooke

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